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Insecurity Threatening Nigeria’s Peace, Stability – Abbas



Insecurity Threatening Nigeria’s Peace, Stability – Abbas

…Reps To Convene National Security Summit

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Tajudeen Abbas has expressed worry over the growing insecurity across the country, saying it was a threat to the peace of stability of Nigeria.

Abbas, who made the declaration in his welcome address at the resumption of plenary on Tuesday announced that the House would soon convene a national legislative summit on security to find a lasting solution to the menace.

He said “I address you today not just as the Speaker of the House of Representatives but as a concerned citizen, deeply troubled by the widespread insecurity that grips our country.

“Indeed, Nigeria stands at a crucial juncture, facing formidable challenges that test our resolve, unity, and spirit. The threats of insurgency are severely testing the peace and stability of our country, the rise in kidnapping for ransom and the unsettling unrest and crises across all the six geo-political zones.

“Families and communities have endured immense hardships, and our hearts go out to all those affected by these tumultuous events. We are particularly saddened by the tragic and senseless murder of our daughters, Nabeeha Al-Kadriyar and Folorunsho Ariyo, the heinous murder of over 30 people in Plateau State, as well as many others who have fallen victim to the mindless acts of terror in the last few weeks.

“We also remember those who lost their lives in the blast in Ibadan triggered by explosives stored by illegal miners. May we rise and observe a minute of silence in their honour”.

He said “For too long, our nation has been caught in the vicious grip of insecurity, a malaise that spreads its tentacles far and wide, sparing no one in its wake. Despite numerous security measures, this menace continues to thrive, mocking our efforts and challenging our resolve to build a cohesive, peaceful and prosperous nation.

“It is a stark reminder that the conventional approaches to security have espoused for so long are no longer sufficient. The time has come to think out of the box and adopt new and contemporary strategies that better respond to the complexities of our current challenges”

He praised President Tinubu for his exemplary leadership and proactive approach saying “His recent interventions and directives for more action by security agencies are timely and reflective of his deep-seated resolve to restore peace and order.

“I implore the President not to shy away from making the tough decisions. If necessary, we must not hesitate to enact changes within our security apparatus, for the cost of inaction is far too great to bear.

“In light of these challenges, I propose convening a National Legislative Security Summit. This summit will serve as a crucible for ideas, where stakeholders from diverse sectors – security, traditional and religious institutions, academia, civil society, and more – will forge enduring solutions to our security woes.

“It is time to harness our collective expertise, to break the silos that have hindered our progress, and to chart a new course towards peace and stability.

“This aligns with our constitutional mandate as parliament to enact laws that strengthen our security framework, allocate resources wisely, and provide the oversight necessary to ensure our strategies are well-intentioned, effective, and accountable.

“In addition, as a matter of urgent national importance, I charge all the relevant security-based Committees of this House to engage with the security chiefs on some of the most immediate measures and resources needed to improve security across the country.

On the economy, he said “The continuous depreciation of the Naira has far-reaching consequences, given that Nigeria relies heavily on imports for many essential items, including food, fuel and machinery. Yet, amidst these challenges, there are signs of resilience and potential.

“The president’s economic policies, aimed at revitalising key sectors, promoting sustainable growth, and fostering inclusive development, are steps in the right direction.

“We in the legislative arm must align our efforts with the Executive to ensure that these initiatives are effectively implemented and yield tangible results for every Nigerian.

“I would like to thank all members for their dedication and commitment during the deliberations on the 2024 Budget of ‘Renewed Hope’. The expeditious consideration and passage of this budget speaks to our collective resolve to address our nation’s pressing economic challenges.

“We must shift our focus towards ensuring the judicious and meticulous implementation of the budget, which is intended to be catalytic in lifting our economy from its current state of stagnation.

“On the counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency, we shall work with the Office of the National Security Adviser to strengthen the Anti-terrorism Act to provide guidelines for the prosecution of suspects”