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Cry Of Hunger, Insecurity And Fear In The Land By Satguru Maharaj Ji



Strike: NLC Conniving With Opposition To Bring Pain On Nigerians  - Satguru Maharaj Ji 

By the Grace of the Grace, the cry of Hunger, Insecurity and Fear is misplaced since it has been revealed by the SATGURU (The King of Kings of All Hearts), that the True and Original Name of The Creator is MAHARAJ JI (PRONOUNCED MUARAJJI Locally or MAHARAJ JI internationally), whom we can call to assist in all areas as the representative of the Creator in human body and flesh.

So, it is hypocritical and sadistic to continue holding on to the old names such as God in English, Allah in Arabic, and others like Elohim, Yahweh etc., which are popular with the world, introduced to the black world by the agents of the Visigoths and Ostrogoths of old but do not command the omnipresent power of the Creator like, for example, fire, water, sun, air and for this reason they are more or less horse on paper.

It is generally believed that when things get out of hand and nobody is there to help, it is the Creator we call and where those names presented to the people don’t work, people resort to extra-judicial ways to achieve their aim, like crime, protests, war, hooliganism, drugs abuse etc.

Today, the papers, radio stations and television stations are replete with negative comments about President Bola Asiwaju Tinubu’s federal government of Nigeria inability to secure lives, provide food and many other vital services, to which I feel, these guys are not patriotic and nationalistic at all for not going into research and properly using their number seven to dig deeper into the causes and effects of problems facing us as a nation and continent.

They are silent about those who stole the moneys for producing food. Same with those who stole moneys for roads. Same goes with those who stole moneys for housings. Same silence on those who asked for plea bargaining and of course those who were jailed. There are those who have cases in courts but the press are not exposing them.

In the first place, if we talk about government, the new federal government, like a child, is about five days to birth and therefore, all we need to do is to beg the Ancestors for safe delivery.

But this child, a divine one for that matter, has started talking from the womb in strategic areas of security, economy, education etc.


Please note that President Tinubu’s government is not a military one that knows how the security outfit of the nation has been built and run, so it would take some time to really come to terms with it but we all know during the last eight months, the president has taken some giant strides and has approved some measures which have been yielding positive results gradually.

Don’t forget that we all know that certain northern leaders were involved in creating Boko Haram with the clandestine support of some splinter groups from the European-inspired Arab spring/wars to destabilize the nation and the Westcoast, therefore it would take some time for the new government led by, President Tinubu who is a highly experienced politician of maturity, discipline, respect and patriotism to make rash decisions knowing fully well that “kokoro tonje fo inu efo lowa”. Meaning that the insecurity we are seeing now is organized by the northern aristocracy going by the unconcerned attitude and comments of IBB, Abdulsalam, Atiku Abubakar, El Rufai, Sultan of Sokoto, to mention but few, towards Boko Haram, Miyetti group, herdsmen as soldiers on the prowl, corruption, education, Ajaokuta steel industry, Nigeria airways, Nepa, constituency projects, the kalu-kalu banks, fall of the cotton industries, Central Bank of Nigeria limited, the cocoa marketing boards etc. 

While the unpatriotic actions and behaviors of the herdsmen who have been attacking farms and killing farmers, the farms have been deserted and this has affected food production generally.

Secondly, in the area of food production, there is an urgent need to summon all the management and board of directors of the Nigeria bank for Agriculture, since 20 years to explain the disbursement of about 5 trillion naira issued for farmers to produce food for all.

Thirdly, the CBN to disclose who received the about 2 trillion Naira CBN allocations for funding all commodities associations like cassava, mushroom, rice, cassava, etc., in Nigeria in the last 20 years.

Fourthly, we need explanations from those who got billions on constituency projects, place of project execution and how much was paid to them.

Fifthly, the LGA chairmen should explain how much they received and how many projects executed in their Local Government Areas. This is very important.

There are cases where Local Government chairmen are issuing certificates of occupancy illegally with the support of some legal officials and their groups. We have evidence to prove it. 

Before we go, the government released billions of naira to State Governments for Agriculture and Housing, the most important and strategic areas of governance, what did they use the money for since we all know that the people are the machines for sound economic breakthroughs?

From the above information, the public should not allow themselves to be misled to go on protests or used by politicians and or neo-colonialists puppets, to go on strike.

Don’t join or promote those who have failed to be patriotic and nationalistic in transforming their visions into reality thereby creating hardships to the common man on the street and pushing the blame on President Tinubu. No way, no way.

Compare President Tinubu with IBB, Buhari, Obj, Yar A’dua, Abdulsalam, Goodluck and co., you will find that President Tinubu’s performance in Lagos State puts him above all of them and therefore the “Eko oni baje” has saved us all in securing our lives in Lagos not only as the first capital of Nigeria but also as the business capital of Africa where all Nigerians and Africans are enjoying relative peace from the marauding Oyinbos who are using all means possible to cause confusion in Nigeria and by extension wipe out all efforts to put Africa in the limelight.

The public have asked Me to inform the president to publish the names of those who stole to create set backs on our roads, farms etc., and who have asked for plea bargaining. In order to lift the hearts of Nigerians high and in the spirit of love to join the renewed hope mission of Mr President.

Therefore, we have to co-operate with President Tinubu to make everybody accountable and respectful so any time we call on you to explain the source of your funds be willing in order to save your name and that of your family to be among the number who proved that the black man can make it.

Whistle blowers should work hard to expose those with illegal monies. Just imagine how much we have lost in human and material resources, in the name of Jesus and Mohammed whom we do not know but were forced on us. 

We are now awake and so I request that you don’t allow yourselves to be used to go on strike for any reason in order to shame the Oyinbos and stop them from threatening our co-existence and mislead us to war when we can sit and dialogue without resorting to violence which in the end will lead to pain, agony, losses and failures, which the president has vowed to prevent because he is here to enable us regain our love for one another, respect and dignity.

I will come your way again but war is not the answer. The aftermath of war is demonic and dangerous, avoid any actions, behaviors that may lead to war when we have the Creator around us. You are warned to dialogue and discuss issues that would bring us together for progress peace and tranquility. The Creator is watching with His koboko so give honor to whom honor is due.

Remember, we will put the full weight of the divine, natural and constitutional laws against all problem makers locally or foreign in all the four corners of the world, so watch out. Don’t heat the polity again as from this moment.

My Love and Blessings