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Naira Re-designed Policy Checked Electoral Fraud, Insecurity-Femi Adesina



Cash Re-designed Policy Checked Electoral Fraud, Insecurity-Femi Adesina

-Brought Cleaner Election In Nigeria

The former Special Assistance to immediate past president Muhammadu Buhari, on media, Mr Femi Adesina on Wednesday, explained how the idea of new naira redesign policy carried out by Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) prevented electoral fraud during the last general elections.

Adesina contended that the policy brought about the most cleaner election in the country and also assisted in reduction of kidnapping, saying the policy was not bad in its entirety.

Fielding questions from journalists in Osogbo, during a media chat organised by Association of Osun veteran journalists, Osun State chapter, Adesina said Nigeria had the most cleaner election due to the money redesign policy.

He posited that former Governor of CBN sold the idea of new naira re- designation to the then president and defended it with every facts and the president reportedly gave him approval.

According to him ” Do you know that during new naira redesign policy that resulted to the money scarcity, kidnappers were out of business?. An APC chairman and Secretary in kano state were kidnapped when the kidnappers saw that nobody was calling them for ransom they left them .

He further said: ” Have you seen where a seating governor lose an election? Its because of cash policy. Do you know that about 9 former governors lost election into the senate, it is because of the policy .We have the most cleaner election in Nigeria ” it is because of the policy ”

Adesina noted that “There was a day my cooking gas got finished I was cooking and has no Money to buy because there was cash scarcity ,I have to borrow from someone to finish my cooking. The cash scarcity affected every one including those of us that were at the presidential Villa as at that time “.

While saying former president Buhari fought insecurity (Boko Haram )to a stand still disclosed that there was a time president Buhari gave an order to security agencies to shoot any one with unauthorised Ak 47 rifle because it only security personnel are constitutionally authorised to carry such rifle .

Justifying the hated criticism during Buhari administration which he said was majorly coming from the opposition party PDP , Adesina said his principal did his best in tackling insecurity in the country saying Mr president believed that governance is continual .

On the accusation that former president Buhari administration fail to obey many court orders ,the former spokesman said it is not on any record that his principal disobeyed court orders saying that Mr president obeyed supreme court orders and directive during the cash policy issue .

Why asked to critically access former president Buhari performance during his 8years of governance ,Adesina said ” you cannot access a government in one area but its entirety .You don’t access a government by its head but by entirety of the people .

He stressed that former President Muhammadu Buhari is a man who is systematic and orderly in doing things adding that many people are already missing his principal.