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NBA Conference: Fashion, Craze And Standards By Elder Yinka Salaam



Fashion is the momentary madness of some individuals, hence, NBA Conference: Fashion, Craze and Standards
Elder Yinka Salaam

What some call fashion is more or less the momentary madness of some individuals, hence, only those who ~are vogue crazy~ subscribe to it.

To men and women of low virtues and emply values who only wish to ‘catch cruise’, the outfit Senator Kashim Shettima wore at the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) Conference is a topical issue. To empty headed tweeps with low self esteem and minimal exposure, Senator Shettima has done the abominable by wearing sneakers over suit; and to those who have nothing to offer but jokes, comedy and emptiness, there is a big issue with the dressing. To those who are fooled by their limited exposure but who unfortunately think they know so much, their disgraceful display of poverty of thought and wild celebration of ignorance could be excused.

Nigerians can be hypocritical when it comes to referencing developed countries and ‘saner climes’. Fior instance, It’s easier to reference Ghana with a population akin to that of Lagos State but they will say nothing when Ghana’s currency witnesses the steepest devaluation in decades, recording second worst slide globally. These same set of Nigerians love to celebrate every seeming negative report about their country, just as they feign ignorance and look the other way when successes are recorded. Nigeria’s elite cried to the roof top when the exchange rate of the Naira weakened against the Dollar, reaching N700/$ , but refused to celebrate when Naira strengthens against Dollar, nearing N400 even as UK’s Pounds Sterling was struggling, recording its worst slide against the Dollar!

Yes, Shettima’s trainers or sneakers was a big issue, but were he to be a Davido or an Olamide, it wouldn’t have elicited any attention.

The wailers are blind to American presidents wearing sneakers. Elites in the West are not particularly perturbed about choosing between wearing trainers or shoes on suit. But it’s such a capital offence for some jobless Nigerians who are indeed very backward in terms of orientation and adaptation to life.

And if I may ask, who sets standards for us? We accept standards set over decades and have refused to adapt even when those who established these same standards have since moved on. It becomes more hypocritical when some attempt to mock their perceived enemies for doing what they erroneously assume to be unfashionable, while applauding their friends, mentors, role models or heroes when same is done.

We like to reference the so called advanced countries and established people only when it is convenient for us in this country, but when we have an axe to grind or to make issues where there is none, our reference countries and established people don’t really matter then.

If Obi had dressed like Shettima, it would probably have become a fashion trend for the so-called ‘Obidients’ on the social media. If Innocent Idibia or any of the artistes had worn the attire, it would have been the trending attire common on the streets and on social media for those who want to ‘belong’.

Twenty years ago, who would have thought that track suits would become a common clothing worn for outings? But today, it is in vogue. There is no shame in the act any longer! How long ago have our children abandoned ‘colour combination’ for ‘colour rioting’ in the name of fashion? Some of them hardly differentiate between corporate and casual outfits. Anything goes as long as you ‘belong!

In essence, the point is that the noise makers are only engaging in the mockery in a futile bid to demarket Shettima. But then, who are the noise makers to set standard of dressing? And by the way, has the dressing diminished the stuff in the man in question at all?

Wailers have a platform now to make noise, it is their right to keep wailing. As long as the man continues to enjoy his life. Na them Sabi.

Meanwhile, without mincing words, the needless furore raised by Shettima’s choice of outfit aptly captures the core issue: that in terms of proven intelligence, established public service capabilities, electoral victory record and substance over form, the APC presidential campaign team to which Shettina is the running mate, is surely miles ahead of any other real contenders

So it’s not surprising therefore, the resort to emptiness to try to stay afloat and remain relevant in the pre-election season..

Yinka Salaam is an editor in Voice of Nigeria