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Leave OPC Out Of Ikire Crisis, Osun State OPC Chieftain Warns



Osun state coordinator of the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) Adedeji Aladesawe has warned those associating members of the Aare Gani Adams’-led Oodua People’s Congress to the prolonged crisis in Ikire,Osun state to desist from spreading unfounded lies against members of the group, warning that the OPC will not involve in act that is capable of distrupting the peace in the town.

Prince Aladesawe spoke against the backdrop of the rumours making the rounds that the OPC members were involved in the killing of a notorious gang leader, Ojo that had been terrorizing Ikire town for the past six years.

Giving account of the crisis that led to the murder of the kingpin last Tuesday,the OPC chieftain stated further that the murder of Ojo was purely a result of a reprisal attack between members of the two dreaded secret cults that had been making lives uncomfortable for the people of Ikire, insisting that Ojo’s murder had nothing to do with members of OPC.

” I think it is very important to set the record straight in order to clear the air on the Ikire crisis.The crisis engulfing the ancient town in recent time was as a result of the rivalry between two notorious secret cult leaders,the late Sunbo Atobatele popularly called Small and Ojo.

“Sunbo was a former member of the OPC in Ikire,but was dismissed from the group about six years ago as a result of his notorious activities.He was a leader of a cult, and had since become a torn in the flesh of the police by terrorizing the people.Atobatele was allegedly murdered about twenty days ago at
Orita merin in Ikire by suspected members of the rival cult led by

Sunbo’s family, according to my findings, reported the case to the police.Both the Area Commander and the Osun state commissioner of police were aware of the incident even as three persons have been arrested in connection with Sunbo’s murder.One Wale had been arrested on this crisis.So, it was this rivalry disposition that eventually led to the murder of Ojo by members of the late Sunbo Atobatele group.
But since investigation is still ongoing, we will allow the police to do their job by getting to the root of the matter.

Aladesawe, however, warned those spreading lies that it was the OPC under the leadership of the Aare Gani Adams that killed Ojo to desist from spreading unfounded lies on the social media platforms,which he said, could jeopardize the ongoing investigation by the Osun state police.

” Let me also state it clearly that the late Ojo was not a member of OPC or Yoruba nation agitators in Ikire town He was a notorious secret cult kingpin that had been causing mayhem and terrorizing the entire town.

“He had been declared wanted by the police last year for engaging the military officers that were deployed to the town on peace mission. He allegedly attacked them without recourse to law.

“It is sad that those that are in the best position to know more about the efforts of the OPC in ensuring peace and tranquility in Ikire and Osun state generally,are now alleging that the group was involved in Ikire crisis.

“As the Osun state coordinator of the OPC,I want to assure the people of the town and Osun state generally that our members would continue to support the efforts of the police in ensuring that the state is peaceful,and in doing this we will continue to offer the needed support to the people in a lawful manner”,he said.

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