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LG Chairman Bans Political, Social Gatherings



The Chairman of Gboko Local Government Area of Benue State, Mr Isaac Mtom has banned all forms of social and political gatherings in the area starting from December 19, 2022 to January 3rd 2023.

The chairman anchored his decision on the recent rising incidents of crime and insecurity in the area.
The Chairman also restricted the operations of commercial motorcycles ordering that their services in the town should now commence from 7:30am daily.

He explained that the order came after due consultation of traditional rulers who gave their support to the initiative which would help curb the rising crime rate in the area.

While condemning the recent bloody robbery incidents and snatching of motorbikes in the town, the Chairman disclosed that within the last few days over 21 cases of motorbike snatching were reported in the town.

He also noted that, “this order has no political undertone as being alleged by some persons who do not mean well for the people and do not even live here with us in Gboko.

“I had wanted the ban to commence immediately but I shifted it to 19th to allow the All Progressives Congress, APC hold their programme in town. In fact my party the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, have been compelled to move their programme out of Gboko because the order must be obeyed even though it affected my party.

“We have to take steps to check the situation, in the last two weeks there is no day we do not record up to five robbery cases. They rob the people and hurt them.

“Just few days ago, they kidnapped a six year old girl, they took her to the CCG area of the town. But we later got the kidnappers and rescued the girl. We also pulled down the kidnappers’ den.

“Within this time, they have been robbing motorbikes, they burnt down the house of a widow, robbed a business man, attacked a pastor and took away his bus, just to mention a few. We cannot allow this to continue, the security of lives and properties is my major concern and I will do everything within my power to secure the lives and property of the people no matter what interpretations the enemies of the people give to my administration’s good intentions for our people because the people are with me and they are happy; that is what keeps me going as their Chairman.”

He appealed to those who might have been affected by the order to understand that the measure was for the good of the generality of Gboko people and not intended to discomfort any person or group.