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67th Posthumous Birthday: Osun PDP Aspirant, Dele Adeleke Eulogises Late Sen Isiaka Adeleke



……Describes the late sage as father of modern politics


The newest sensation in Osun politics and Governorship Aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, Mr. ‘Dele Adeleke, has eulogised the first Civilian Governor of Osun State, Late Sen. Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke on his 67th posthumous birthday, just as he described him as a father of modern politics.



Adeleke in his tribute to the late sage which made available with the newsmen men in Osogbo, celebrated the life of empathy and love for humanity that the Late Asiwaju of Ede land lived.


His tribute read this, “Serubawon, as if given to you by God Himself, is the nickname that perfectly described you while you walked the face of the earth and even in death. Your life was always a great event. When you moved, all men knew a great man has moved. Your politics was consummate; your love for humanity exceptional. Your death stirred many and it was a whirlwind that shook the very foundation of the society that you impacted so greatly”


“De Guv, you were a great man in every ramification. In death, you have towered above many still living and continue to be an institution even while you no longer sojourn on this side. You were a man filled with milk of human kindness, empathy and you were a relentless crusader against oppression and injustice. The testimonies of the men and women you built continue to reverberate”


“Though we consider the time you spent with us quite short given that you still had a lot to do in the emancipation of the people you so deeply loved, we continue to take solace in the beautiful memories you made, the institutions you impacted and the individuals who grew because you gave them a chance when none else would”


“I celebrate you today, Uncle Tunji, on your 67th posthumous birthday. I celebrate the life you lived, the legacies you left and the lessons that your life continues to teach us. Your life has remained a model to me and I am committed to ensuring that as you made brighter the glory of the Adeleke dynasty, I must make every effort with any opportunity given, to make the dynasty even greater”


“Thank you for sharing your great life with us. Continue to rest in Jannah, until the day of reckoning”


“Happy 67th Posthumous birthday, dear Mentor, Leader and Distinguished Sen. Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke”


With fond memories,

Your “College Boy” (as you fondly called me)

‘Dele Adeleke

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