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2023: Only God’ll Determine 2023 Elections–Oluwo



The Oluwo of Iwoland, Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, yesterday said only God knows if 2023 election will hold.

Oba Akanbi who urged Nigerians to always speak good things ahead of 2023 general elections said nobody can predict what could happen tomorrow.

Oluwo stated this while fielding questions from Journalists on the sideline of the 2nd Edition of “Odun Olodumare”(God’s festival anniversary), held in his palace, in Iwo, on Wednesday.

.The prominent Youruba monarch said: “Only God know if 2023 election will hold. Deity once’s love like humans.

“Let us speak very good thing ahead of 2023 election, you know that we can’t predict tomorrow. We will wait for the election.” On the significance of the Odun Olodumare, Oluwo said: “Anybody created by God is not worthy to be worship other than Olodumare (Supreme Deity). He is the almighty.

“With the research conducted, it was revealed that the first man is a Yoruba man called Adam which is the coinage of Ada-ninuamon( created from the clay. No race can challenge this.

“The religion of Adam is the religion of our forefathers, the Yoruba. The name of our progenitor, Oduduwa means ‘he came out black.

“The white claimed that men are created from clay and we are the only tribe that called Clay— Amon.

“The religion of Adam is religion of Yoruba not worshiping Sango, Ogun and co. This festival, we are calling back the Yoruba Race back to the true God.

“Other Yoruba king must come to tandem with this because they can’t be God’s representative and still now to other gods.”

“God is the king and earthly king who is now fetish is representing God well, any king worshipping other gods or fetish should abandoned the palace to become an herbalist. There is no deity that is called Kabiyesi.”

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