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What Does AFIDE Mean?



—AFIDE Which Stands For “Agriculture And Financial

Inclusion of Daily Earners ” is a savings and investment platform. However, with different savings and investment platforms, what distinguishes AFIDE from the competition?
The most appealing aspect of AFIDE is the additional funds that are deposited to your account as soon as you save money with them. You don’t have to wait until the end of the month to find out how much money you got as a bonus.
Another fantastic feature of AFIDE is the ability to save in a variety of ways. You can leave your funds with them for a month, two months, a year, or even longer. This flexible savings plan also includes a Return On Investment(ROI), as saving for a year adds more money to your account than saving for a month.
This is to urge users to develop a positive attitude about money management. However, the bottom line stays the same, everybody gets something extra.

“Even so, what about Muslims who do not want their savings to be increased?” In this regard, AFIDE is rather inclusive. The Halal savings plan was created specifically for Muslims and others who do not want their money to grow in value. The most appealing aspect of the contribution plan is that you can withdraw your funds at any time without incurring any fees! This distinguishes AFIDE from other platforms that charge a penalty if you withdraw before a certain date.

When it comes to the penalty cost, AFIDE allows their users to set a date when they will be able to withdraw without paying any fees. That appears to be a good idea, as we all know that emergencies can occur at any time.
Let’s have a look at another advantage of AFIDE. With AFIDE, the sky is the limit. Yes, you can save as many times as you like throughout the day. Transaction limitations and flagged accounts are no longer an issue.

With AFIDE your funds are completely secure, being a registered corporation with a long history of working with daily earners and wage workers, such as market women and craftsmen, across the country.
Fun fact, did you know that AFIDE was designed originally for daily wage earners and individuals who do not have access to a bank account (the unbanked)?

In summary, with afide:
● Your money is safe.
● You can keep any amount of money. You can also save your money as many times as you want throughout the daY
● A generous bonus will be added to your account as soon as you make a contribution
● You can get a contribution strategy that is adaptable.
● All daily earners can keep their money while receiving multiple benefits.

How do I get started on Afide?
In the following months, the AFIDE app for direct users will be launched. You may remain up to date by following them on social media @afidefkn or visiting their website at for more information.

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