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A Birthday Message To Pro-tem President, Mrs Victoria Ayishetu Enape



Pro-tem President, Mrs Victoria Ayishetu Enape

Our contact with you has shown and thought us another perspective of what courage stands for, a true pathfinder and worthy ambassador.

It is often said that only a mother understands the pain of child birth, little wonder as the Mother in the field of Forensics in Nigeria you have continued to nurse and nurture the Chartered Institute of Forensics and Investigative Professionals of Nigeria (CIFIPN), through your leadership as the Pro-tem President, Nigerians have embraced the field of Forensics as the only sure way that will aid the eradication of digital and technologically based crimes and corruption in Nigeria.

At the mention of Forensics in Nigeria what comes to mind is the Chartered Institute of Forensic and Investigative Professionals of Nigeria, this is no mean feat.

Through your visionary and purposeful leadership, the 9th National Assembly have passed the Bill to Establish the Chartered Institute and Forensic and

Investigative Professionals of Nigeria.
Our dear Pro-tem President, it is gratifying to note that you started this noble cause of introducing Forensics in Nigeria about eight (8) years ago when you were 43 years, today you are 51, yet you have continued in the same zeal and commitment, we are encouraged by your perseverance.

It is on this note we are calling on President Muhammadu Buhari who we know have stood firm in the fight against corruption to assent to this noble Bill that is targeted at giving a helping hand to the government in the realization of its core mandate.

As you celebrate another milestone, it is our prayers that the signing into law of the bill by President Muhammadu Buhari becomes one of your birthday gifts.

As a Board, we cannot quantify your sacrifices and commitment to this great institute, you are a leader per excellence. Your humility and kind disposition has endeared you to everyone you have crossed path with, you are an inspiration, a virtuous woman, a goal oriented leader, a mentor and a shining example worthy of emulation.

On behalf of the Board and the entire members of the CIFIPN family we pray for a healthy, prosperous and peaceful life for you and your family. We celebrate you our dear President.

Barr. Benjamin Sekpe
(CIFIPN Legal Adviser)
For the Pro-Tem Board of CIFIPN.

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