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Olufon’s Stool: I will Bring All-Round Devt To Ifon Orolu Kingdom If I Become New Olufon–Prince Olatunbosun



Prince Olatunbosun

—-As Olaojo Ruling House Presents Him To Kingmakers

Following the demise of Olufon of Ifon Orolu Kingdom, Oba Almaruf Magbagbeola, Olumoyero the ll, the Moronfolu royal family of Olaojo ruling house has presented Prince Muideen Olatubosun Olarinde to the kingmakers of Ifon-Osun to ascend the throne the Orolu kingdom

CityMirrorNews reports that the stool of Olufon of Ifon Orolu became vacant following the demise of Oba Magbagbeola.

According to Ifon Orolu tradition and the extant chieftaincy declaration gazetted in 1988 for selecting the Olufon, there are two major ruling houses which are: the Olaojo and the Orisafi for successive rotation.

Chief Esa of Ifon Orolu Kingdom during the meeting

The late Oba Almaruf Magbagbeola was from Olumoyero royal family of the Orisafi ruling house while Prince Muideen Olatubosun Olarinde who was on Sunday presented to the kingmakers belongs to the Moronfolu, one of the two royal families of Olaojo ruling house.

Receiving the Moronfolu royal family who presented Prince Muideen Olatubosun Olarinde, the kingmakers headed by the Esa who is the current regent of Ifon Orolu kingdom, high Chief Babatunde Oyetunji noted that their task is just to be presented the crown prince and begin the process.

He said “we cannot become the Olufon, our own is to instruct the ruling house to present the crown prince. Except you cannot agree on one prince, that is only when selecting the crown prince from those presented to us will be done.

Are Musulumi of Ifon Orolu Kingdom

“I pray that today shall be a joyful one and be remembered for good. Everything we have lost in this town will be restored for us.

“May God use you (Prince Muideen Olatubosun Olarinde) for this town. We cannot begin to tell you about this town because you are not an alien to all the goings-on in ifon. You have been part of our struggle for growth and development”.

Also speaking, the Ejemu of Ifon, Chief Adam Akintunde and the Eleesi, chief Oladunmoye Oyeleke observed that was witnessed at the presentation was unprecedented as they praised the choice of the Moronfolu royal family.

The Moronfolu’s Prince, Alhaji Muideen Olatubosun Olarinde described his selection by the family as “a divine guidance, ordained by Almighty Allah” promising that the people of Ifon Osun would not be disappointed if ascended the throne .

He added “all round development will come to Ifon, we are going to have a new Ifon-Osun that will encompass development in all ramifications. I haven been doing it before. You can see my siblings, my friends, my family, all give me their support that I am capable.

While making reference to the 1988 Ifon-Osun chieftaincy declaration, Prince Olarinde urged the state government to consider the extant declaration for selecting the new Olufon.

“We have the Olaojo ruling house that comprises of Moronfolu and Odunolu who are brothers; then we have the Orisafi ruling house which comprises Orisatoyinbo, Olumoyero and Oluyeyin. The late Olufon belonged to the Orisafi , so it is now the turn of Olaojo.

“I have received the blessing of my fathers in our family, I have the support of everyone”.

One of the princes of Olaojo ruling house who is also the Aare Musulumi of Ifon-Osun, Alhaji Isaq hinged the selection of Prince Olarinde on competence, capacity and capability, saying it couldn’t have been based on being the first son.

Also present at the presentation were the Aaje and the Iyalode who are part of the kingmakers, members of an Ifon social club, Liberal Recreation Club, friends and associate of Prince Olarinde, the Hausa community representatives, members of Olaojo ruling house among others.

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