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I Regret Not Fighting For My Marriage – Rachael Oniga



Veteran Nollywood actress, Rachael Oniga has advised young girls to fight for their marriage despite challenges.

Rachael Oniga

Rachael Oniga

The single mother of three in an interview with Punch regretted that she didn’t fight for her marriage despite his husband’s plea for forgiveness before his death.

According to her, divorce was one of the most painful things she had to do, adding that she was naive for leaving her husband at that time.

She said: “My first born, Olamide, was four years old when I left my marriage

“I had to put them all in boarding schools. That is one of the most painful things I have had to do. Whenever I talk about this, it always brings me close to tears. My children paid the price for something they knew nothing about.

“The factor (her late husband married another woman) that led to the end of my marriage made me determined to prove to him (ex-husband) that I could stand without any man.

“I was not ready to give any other man the chance to be a hindrance to my children and me. I also made up my mind that I would dedicate my life totally to my children. I toughened my heart and blocked every opportunity to go into any relationship.

“I saw myself as equal to any man, regardless of how much money he might have. I didn’t want any man to treat my children badly. I was working for my money and I put my kids in good schools. So, what do I need a man for?

“I felt all men just wanted was to see the beauty of a woman and walk away. With what my ex-husband did to me, you expect me to trust men again? Before we got separated, he was a good and ideal man.

“But he married another woman and I moved on. But I miss the whole union thing, friendship and sharing things together.

“My advice to young ladies is to keep and fight for their marriages.

“Perhaps, I was naïve; I never fought for what was mine, but I still thank God. He made many failed attempts at reconciliation. He knew the type of person I am; that when I say no, it is no.

“Before death took him (ex-husband) away, he called many times. It was my mistake. I should have fought for my marriage. Any young lady must try her best and fight for her marriage. My decision at that time might not have been the best, but I still thank God. I have my regrets too as a human being.”