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Politicians As Agents of Destruction in Nigeria



By Ibraheem Alli

The best of man`s ability is better demonstrated in a vantage political echelon. Being a political pilot is a task to test the best of man, a right or a wrong peg in an available democratic position. Democracy has been grossly abused by human nature, condemned by incompetency and avarice for material life. This inarguably is fuelling derogatory perception of Nigeria politicians as birds of a feather owing to the fact that; we, Nigerians are still adjudged retrogressive in our political ostentations, actions and inactions. The mentality has promoted first class sons and daughters of looters as successors mostly in Nigeria political dispensations.

The past glory of Nigeria should never be jettisoned to salvage a red morrow. The destiny of a great nation is determined by her public servants, who we illicitly addressed as leaders. Or should we call them looters? Factually, politics in the past is a game of integrity not material, a setting of oratory not lobbying the dumped. But unfortunately, MEN with their ill-gotten money have polluted the arena to discourage piety, propriety and competency from being an actor. The rationale behind Nigeria pros and cons attributions are the products of our leaders, mostly the democratic horses, though the Khaki can never be exonerated. The 3Ms` of politics are variables of a distasteful political imbroglio and deceptive manifestoes’ pogrom plaguing Nigeria since our premature emancipation.

The political actors (MEN) are determinants, most of who are snags to the survival of Nigeria fair play. They went far den to seek for unaccustomed destiny at the expense of common man. The real political men, in our illogical reasoning, are those who command, not only material but also money. I mean real exorbitant of money looted from our treasury. I recently shared an anonymous post on my social media account that “You can`t get rich in politics unless you are a crook”. The post was however grossly disputed by some. An aphorism I reasoned should be upheld by all and sundry but received diverse reactions. Can you see the damage men had incorporated to Nigerian politics? The same political men are nurturing thugs to disrupt political market. This is very rampant nowadays. I doubt if there exist an exemption. Political figures nurturing state boys to oppress oppositions. When will federal boys surface? I had an experience while serving in Ilorin, Kwara State Capital in 2014 seeing boys in security garment smoking india hemp with weapons patronizing the resident of a foremost politician in Ilorin. Which among the legal security will ever dare the illegal guards? The political men hoity-toity invited oppression, which, popularly is hog-wash to an educated fellow. The shortest path to success is dedication to your choosing career. But my question is, is politics a profession?

The root of all evil acts is money. When someone stood vehemently to upturn the decision of million heads and you discover he did so for egocentric interest. Not because of piety but of money. Many Nigerians, notable political figures, Governors, ex-ministers, speakers, senate presidents changing political hue like dress all for material life. People’s conscience has been bought and exchange for money. Electing and appointing round pegs to fill round holes are history. We worship mediocrity at the expense of our children future. They fooled and still fooling us with penny. Nigerians thought politicians will solve this country`s problem when it is no doubt they are creating more. What will be the destiny of a nation whose electioneering budget is far beyond her annual budget?

Because Nigeria judicature, which ideally should be the hope of the oppressed, has sunk. We are left with no other DRESS than to implore political animals, those that had led and the leading, to turn a new leaf for a better Nigeria. Should anyone in delusion of juggernaut be mindful of the creator that a day, he will answer the call and left with nothing than his deeds. For a better Nigeria, we utmost need a change of action not of word. The men are the commander of both money and material. Should they confabulate a change of heart, other destructive political variables are gone. Imperatively, one is nothing but a disgrace, should he or she proliferate the hardship of Nigerians. It is left to us, all of us.

Decimating the gratification of both elective and appointed political servants will unavoidably ameliorate hard pinch Nigerians are subjected to from the heart of our callous looters. I doubt the sincerity of the government reducing the emoluments of public servants. But if done, will undoubtedly purify their soul and illuminate the process to shelve a compassionate candidate from a hypocrite looters.

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