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Oluwo to Reconnect With Source, Visits Ile-Ife



By Ibraheem Alli

Oluwo of Iwo, Oba AbdulRosheed Adewale Akanbi Telu I, has concluded arrangement to visit the Owobodo Royal Family of Okerewe compound, Ile-Ife to reconnect with the founder of Iwo, Luwo Gbadiga`s ancestors and renew the bond between the root and the shoot.

According to Oba Akanbi in an interview with CityMirrorNews on Wednesday, the visit, which he tagged “Retracing the Steps of Our Ancestors” is equally meant to mark the triumphant return of Telu to the source of his crown.

“I will be making this trip not only to mark the return of Telu but also to reconnect the dots in history and make it whole again. The step is necessary to renew the bond between the root and the shoot, a bond that has been disconnected naturally with the passing of time”, said Oluwo.

Oba Akanbi reiterated his commitment to reposition Iwo in the comity of first class cities and described reconnecting with their origin as one of those steps.

He noted that Adekola Telu, a Prince, son of the first female Ooni of Ife (Luwo Gbadiga) promoted his mother`s dream of establishing an empire in the abode of the parrots.

According to him, Adekola Telu was a courageous man who fought for the crown he was never to wear despite years of sufferings in a journey of no return.

Oluwo tagged the coincidence of his kingship as the 16th Oluwo with that of Luwo Gbadiga, the 16th Oonirisa as an indication of natural power from the creator.

He said: “Luwo Gbadiga is the 16th Ooni of Ife, King Abdulrasheed Aewale Akanbi Telu I is the 16th Oluwo of Iwoland and he was not a party to fix the date of his coronation to 16th of January, 2016. The Royal visit to our source will be on 31st of July, 2016.

“Iwoland must take its rightful position in Yorubaland and beyond. A crucial step towards achieving that is by reconnecting with our origin, the source of our crown.

“Adekola Telu was the conceiver of the first Iwo dream and son to the then female King ever and the first and only female Oonirisa of the Owodo Royal Family of okerewe compound.

“He migrated from Ile Oodua (Ooni`s Palace) in Ile-Ife to establish an empire in the abode of the parrots. He was a sojourner for so many years who never look back and didn’t get to his destination.

“It was a journey of no return for him who left Ile-Ife with a crown he was never to wear and never to stop till he finds the abode of the only thing that speaks apart from human which happens to be the parrot.

Oluwo therefore implored all Kings, Prince, Princesses, Chiefs and sons and daughters to join his entourage in the visit.

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