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This Change is Failing by Ibraheem Alli




By Ibraheem Alli

“A political party whose main target is to capture power without a clear cut agenda will unavoidably brings hardship and eventually crash like Dana Airline”.

Last year and prior, political glut was tensed. The phobia of unknown generated panic, not only in intra but also inter party decisions. The stereotype of one political association been dysfunctional was pronounced for cheap political scores, when in sense, the same souls are exchanging bodies and get baptized for nocturnal defenses. In essence, to an average apprentice in my hue, changing power is to effect new innovative reasoning that resonate modern trends capable of improving peoples living standard. Because the leaders, mostly the electives are professional in throwing dust in our eyes, Nigeria and Nigerians remain stagnant or better retro despite deluge of political manifestoes that graced electioneering campaigns. I keep on asking, why is Nigeria becoming hell if there exists a compassionate leader?

Political parties, in contrast to each other exchange slogan to shoot and convince electorates into their side. Each slogan symbolizes and communicates to the psyche of common and few uncommon who acquired materials subjectively. Earlier before the tagged change agent, Nigerians were seeking refuge under umbrella, an administration adjudged and accused of extravagancy and profligacy. Either overtly or covertly, the anti-graft agencies revelations are disheartening, inhumane, callous, animalistic, uncultured, immoral and illicit weighing the magnitude of the havoc those vices have occasioned. Franchised Nigerians, in their desire to switch over and seek refuge under a secure abode voted out power, hoping to romance change. Change, positive or negative, it is left to individual assessment/judgment. Am I near to deconsecrate leaders? Why? We have everything to our advantage as Nigerians but our leaders to disadvantage.

Change means “to make somebody or something different” says Advanced Learners Dictionary. I acknowledge this master for the precision definition. Otherwise, political actors would have hide under and call me unprintable names. To change is to make you different from others, positive or negative, change is change. Nigerians are watching, waiting and wondering if there exists any silver-lining of hope in the sky.

The change agents formed unprecedented alliance to crumble the umbrella, a crashed agent of power, Power to the people or few? A child who is bold enough to insult king in the day will have his sleep disturbed in the night in anticipation of the king`s retaliation. To avoid the unavoidable, the smarters agents of loom mingled with the broom and were adjudged change agents. History and nature will never forgive an hypocrites? Promises were made to effect change, in a jiffy of assuming power; many of the pledges were denied and reneged: an indication of red alert.

The mitochondrion of an aspiring nation like Nigeria is her economy. Once the economy crumbled, the nation collapse. A government of change vowed to regulate and nearly equate naira with dollar in a specified range of time. Naira was met below 200 in exchange for one dollar now to be sold at almost #400.

Nigerians, mostly the politicians should re-digest the content of Nigeria pledge to ascertain the self curse embedded in their actions, inactions and reactions. How many of you are faithful, loyal or honest? Do you think God is helping you? Haaa! Nature is watching. Had you not novice of Nigeria pledge, you wouldn’t have been so insensitive.

Nigerians politicians and their allies are perpetual failure not only because they are satanic but also due to non acceptability of Achill’s heel. They deceive us to incur the wrath of God the more. Who knows if that is why most of them die of deadly diseases?

Who am I to apportion blames on the change mantra without founded arguments? Where are much shouted monthly payments for the unemployed graduates? Where is they yawned and played us with? Why the content diversification of the submitted budget? Are the prodigal citizens (PDP) still responsible for that? When will naira appreciate in international market? Why the persistent inflation that has claimed many lives? These and many more interrogations are begging for answers.

My fellow Nigerians, the degeneration of affairs are occasioned by the insincerity of not only the politicians but also ours. There lie no positive changes without competent public holders ready to serve and not to be served. Many sold their future for a moron public office holder because of a cup of rice while few did owing to family affinity. Should we continue worshipping money and relatives at the expense of competent leaders, we might end up nursing the same wound and generating more havoc for the unborn generation. Will the destiny of the subjected people set them free?

A political party whose main target is to capture power without a clear cut agenda will unavoidably brings hardship and eventually crash like Dana Airline.

Until a palliative measure is mechanize to decimate the proliferating abject, I shall unceasingly hold the change agents responsible because of their positive promises.