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APC has failed Nigerians – CDHR insists



AbdulRofiu Agboola
—–calls for recognition of June 12 as Democracy Day
The Committee for the Defense of Human Rights, (CDHR), has said that the All Progressive Congress, (APC) led Federal Government has failed Nigerians who voted for the party.
The group insisted that APC has failed woefully to bring change it promised to the people of the country during the campaign last year, saying that President Muhammadu Buhari has performed far below expectations.
The Osun State Chairman of CDHR, Comrade Akin Ashifat, stated this during a post June 12 symposium organized by the group in collaboration with the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM).
Ashifat who bemoaned the system of governance under APC led government said things are getting deteriorated under President Buhari regime, stating that Nigerians voted for good governance, not excuses.
The CDHR Chairman explained that the present administration has never deemed it fit to extend its war against corruption crusade to members of its party who were also alleged of involving in one corrupt practices or the other.
He said: “Nobody is changing anything, talking about corruption, nobody is fighting anything, and corruption has come to stay in this country. Robbers are dragging robbers to court, are there not thieves among them?
“Nothing has been changed in this country. Education in Nigeria has become moribund, on security there is nothing to write home about, there are crises here and there. The issue of Boko Haram is there, Kidnapping, pipe line bombing among other security challenges are ravaging the country.
“There is strike here and there; you will not feel happy to go to the hospital when you are sick.”
Ashifa stated that there was need to build up party of working people with clear ideology to liberate Nigerians by standing firmly to wrestle power from them.
Commenting on the lesion of June 12, state Coordinator, DSM, Comrade Afred Adegoke said no section of ruling class can be relied upon to liberate Nigerian masses.
Adegoke who condemned APC led federal government for its failure to declare June 12 as public holiday, said Abiola’s mandate was not a Yoruba nation restricted but national mandate.
He called on President Buhari to give national recognition award to the celebration of June 12 at the nation’s Democracy Day, saying there was need to immortalize late MKO Abiola.
“Abiola mandate was not Yoruba mandate, but National mandate and National struggle. It was an era when Nigeria masses were eager to choose a president who they believed could liberate them.
“We are calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to give national recognition to June 12 by declaring the day as a real democracy day so as to immortalize late Chief MKO Abiola who he said, laid down his soul for democracy the country is enjoying today.
Echoing a similar view, Comrade Amusan Johnson, popularly called Action J, described June 12 struggle as fight against injustice, adding that the only way the current government under the leadership of president Buhari could showcase its genuineness and sense of commitment was to give grandeur to June 12.
Amusan who discussed on the topic “The Unbroken 17 years Intractable Question of Democracy” noted that the event was an opportunity to reveal to Nigerian masses, the essence of the June 12 struggle, adding that it was aimed at demystifying some of the wrong notions that kept the people down for a long time.
He recalled that the June 12 election was the period when true Nigerian people cared less about religious diversity in the leadership recruitment process and rallied around the ticket that had two Muslims, MKO Abiola and Babagana Kingibe.
He therefore called on government at all level to accrue to June 12 the necessary recognition it deserved.
The human right activist who decried the fading of circumstances that brought June 12 into history said unless Nigerian government go back to drawing board and fashion out the event that led to annulment of 1993 Presidential election and the death of MKO Abiola, the nation’s democracy would remain a toy in the hand of careless child.
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