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Gangster Rapes Teenager in Oyo



Members of the public, pressure groups and politicians in Oyo State, have continued to mount pressure on the police to arrest a suspected rapist, Oluyemi Ojebode.

Mr. Ojebode, who allegedly heads the Isale-Oyo based Gbafoba gang, was accused of raping a 15-year old secondary school student (name withheld) on December 6 last year.

The Oyo Global Forum and Oyo Progressive Assembly condemned the gang violence in Oyo town, urging the police to investigate the rape case and arrest the suspect.

Also, the National Association of Oyo Students, in a statement on Wednesday, condemned the rape, asking the police to ensure the suspect’s arrest.

They urged the state government to bring an end to the gang violence in the city.

Narrating her ordeal on a Splash FM programme, Voices, on Thursday, the victim explained how she was threatened with gun and eventually raped.

The girl’s explanation suggested she had to unwillingly submitted herself to the alleged criminal action of Mr. Ojebode.


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