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See what Osun group wants FG to do for Gov Aregbesola



Com Alimi Gangatual

The Civil Societies Coalition for the Emancipation of Osun State (CSCEOS) has called on the federal government and other financial institutions to reject any request by Osun state government to collect more loans.

The group also accused Governor Rauf Aregbesola of mortgaging the future of the State with the burden of loans it had secured.

They said this during the 2nd Emancipation rally organized by the Civil Societies Coalition for the Emancipation of Osun State (CSCEOS) in support of striking Medical Doctors, retirees and entire workforce in the State.

They said that the credit facilities accessed by the state government in the last three (3)- four (4) years remained largely misappropriated and unaccounted for, insisting that the Aregbesola-led administration lacks justification to further borrowings.

The protesters comprises of human rights activists, workers, retirees, artisans, market men and women, students among others; passed through the heart of Osogbo, the State capital such as; Oja-Oba, Station road, Idi-Seke, Orita-Gbaemu, Fagbewesa and Ola-Iya junction with solidarity songs, as well as carrying various placards with the inscriptions such as; “stop threatening Osun Doctors with incessant purported mouth sack” “Aregbesola has destroyed health sector of Osun State beyond redemption”, “President Muhammadu Buhari: Come and Save Osun People from the hands of Rauf Aregbesola and his cohorts”, “CSCEOS backs Osun Striking Doctors”, “Aregbesola: Pay Osun State Doctors their entitlements”, “Aregbesola: Osun People reject commercialization of education”, “Aregbesola: Osun workers reject half salaries” and so on.

It equally condemned the manner which the strike action embarked on by medical doctors in the state in the last seven (7) months is been handled by the state government, a development it said had rendered public health sector in jeopardy and comatose, bemoaning that the incessant sack threat of the striking doctors has compounded the issue and troubled the people of the state.

Speaking further with journalists, Comrade Adeniyi, Alimi Sulaiman berated Aregbesola over the plight of the medical doctors that had turned the health sector of the state into shamble, urging the governor to render accounts of all accrued federal allocations and accessed loans on behalf of the state that put once-a-time flourishing state into perpetual debt slavery.

He added that Governor Aregbesola in the interest of the masses should assiduously answer to the requests’ of the doctors so as to return the health sector of the state back to normalcy, stressing that the purported planned agenda of the Aregbesola led-government to replace the medical doctors with herbalists and witch crafts cannot be accepted by the good people of the state.

The group, however submitted its protest letter dated 2nd of March, 2016 to the State House of Assembly through its Speaker, Honourable Najeem Salaam, decrying the unpleasant state of affairs of the state under the watch of Governor Aregbesola, alleging members of the legislature for derailing in its duties, as it showed little or no concerns towards the plight and welfare of the people of the State, which they were elected to represents.

According to the Letter; “Sir, it is no news that doctors in the service of Osun state has been on strike since September 2015, which makes it 7 months now, due to the inability of government to fulfill her obligations towards them.

The implication of this situation is better imagined, and we believe your office should not find it difficult confronting this issue headlong so as to bring a great relief to the helpless, suffering and already impoverished people of the state.

“We have severally refrained ourselves from concluding that the house is in connivance with the executive arm of government to maintain a criminal silence on this issue, but when we consider the buoyancy of an average Nigerian politician, which makes it possible for him to access healthcare anywhere in the world at whatever cost, we might insinuate that you have kept quiet on this serious matter because you might not be directly affected.

“Furthermore, the attempt of the government to raise the IGR of the state, which has brought about a regime of unrealistic tax impositions on the citizenry, is sending many people away from the State, while others are developing serious health problems arising from fear, unfortunately with no access to healthcare due to the doctor’s strike”. It reads in parts.