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I Have Never Snatched Another Woman’s Husband – Rita Edochie



Nollywood actress Rita Edochie has resumed her verbal tirades against Yul Edochie’s second wife Judy Austin, declaring that she’s married to only one man and has never attempted to snatch another woman’s husband.

Rita, who’s married to Yul’s father’s younger brother, Tony Edochie kicked against Judy Austin’s union with the actor, and has never spared any opportunity to tell her that “the law of karma is real and awaits any evildoer.”

In a series of posts on her Instagram page, the queen mother said God cannot be mocked.

“You can’t be living in evil, yet you come out everyday to profess your love for God…thanking him over something he has no hand in. Be very careful, God is not mocked,” Rita said.

In another post, Rita Edochie described herself as ‘a woman of poise and elegance’, who’s upright in her ways. “Come for me, you learn the hard way. I am married to only one husband and have never snatched that of another person. Her name is Rita Tony Edochie, the original ijele,” she wrote.

Also, in a video shared on IG, Rita Edochie slammed those criticizing Yul Edochie’s first wife, May for living her dreams despite the heartbreak she suffered at the hands of her husband of 19 years (2004).

“This message is basically for all Nigerians, who have actually made themselves Chief Advisers and Ministers on marital affairs. “More especially, those lousy content creators who repeatedly put videos out, saying Queen May is doing too much.

“So you know, Queen May is blessed, she is living her best life, she has moved on and can never be silenced . In fact, God has not started with her yet, so deal with it. “If you are so pained to see her happy, there are so many transformers within your locality, I will advise you to look for a very big one and hug,” the veteran actress fumes.

Rita Edochie has always stood by May, openly defending her after Yul Edochie unveiled his on-screen lover, Judy Austin as his second wife last year.