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Woman Has No Right To Return Bride Price To Man, Rita Edochie Defends May Edochie



Veteran Nollywood actress, Rita Edochie, has criticised Yul Edochie for asking for a refund of the bride price he paid while marrying his estranged wife, May Edochie.

According to report, Yul had earlier disclosed that he had been demanding the bride price he paid when he married May, but she and her family members have refused to yield.

Reacting to Yul’s statement, Rita Edochie noted that May has no right to return the bride price of a man.

She insisted that Yul should be the one to go to his wife’s hometown and demand the return of the bride price.

According to her: “A woman has no right to return the bride price of a man; rather it is the man who moves to the woman’s hometown with his kinsmen to ask for the return of the bride price, same way he went to pay initially.

“Queen May has been asking for a divorce. She urged Yul our son to come retrieve the bride price but he kept holding back thinking Queen May would later give in to his polygamous intentions.

“Not until late 2023 when the matter was taken to court, only then did he start demanding the bride price which you (Judy Austin) have been pushing him to do.

“The unfortunate thing is that this matter is now in full custody of the court and nothing can be done till the case is over in court. So I repeat, no pride price can be returned except with consent and order from the court. So you have to wait till whenever.”