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Osun Logo: Face Governance, Stop Dwelling On Frivolities, Diasporians Tell Adeleke



Senator Nurudeen Ademola Jackson Adeleke: What's In A Name By Olawale Aide

Osun Indigenes in diaspora under the aegis of Osun Progressives Youths in the United Kingdom(O-SPYUK), has called on Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun to dutifully face the task of governing in the state and have his name written in gold letters.

O-SPYUK in a statement signed by its coordinator Mr. Tunmise Ajiboye and made available to journalists asked Adeleke to give Osun people what they deserve, instead of turning the state to a laughing stock.

The group was specifically reacting to the new Osun logo recently unveiled by the governor, alleging that the new logo design was one of the Governor’s latest antics, to cover up for his leadership absence in the State

The diasporians said: “Adémólá Adélékè has come up with his latest antics, to cover up for his leadership absence in the State. This time, Governor Ademola Adélékè rather than focusing on giving the masses good governance is seen pursuing frivolities.

“A Governor who could not account for the N2bn palliative relief given to him by President Bola Tinubu’s administration and the state bogus allocation received since his inauguration is here attempting to change the logo of the State. And in doing so, he has decided to personalize the state’s insignia. He wants to put his identity – ‘Ìmólè’ in the proposed logo.

“Is this what the State deserves in an economy that is barely surviving? Is this what the Osun people deserve after governance has been AWOL in the State for several months? Gov. Adélékè should NOT turn our state into a laughing stock before the world. Putting his insignia on the Osun State logo is uncalled (for) and unacceptable.

“Gov. Adélékè does not behave like the international man he claims to be. The change of the Osun logo is a waste of resources, and time, and an act of incompetence.

“He lacks governance ideas and this has rubbed off on the State as a whole. Can the dancing Governor tell the world what happened to the previous logo? Can he tell Osun people the need for a new logo? After public opprobrium, Mr Governor asked the designers to bring samples, yet instructed them on what to do. Why is Adélékè’s ‘Ìmólè’ in the logo? Adeleke claims to school in Atlanta, did he see the name of the Atlanta governor in the State of Atlanta logo?

“Adeleke upon inauguration, renamed the Osun Youth Empowerment Scheme(OYES) to Imole Youth Corps by promoting his campaign name. He is on a mission to personalise Osun State. We are going to oppose this. It is an affront to the sensibility of the state.

“This is all about self-glorification and overt haughtiness. All we desire in our State is good governance. Let him save us his constant embarrassments and stop all the shenanigans, gamesmanship, and face governance biko”