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Side Chicks Help Men Stay Committed To Their Wives – Relationship Expert, Blessing CEO



Celebrity relationship expert, Blessing Okoro, who is popular as Blessing CEO, has claimed that without side chicks, some marriages would be dead, forgotten, and buried.

She made this known on her Instagram page on Friday, making the argument that side chicks, in her words, ‘needs to be thanked,’ because they are the reason some marriages are currently standing.

“Without them, most married women would be unmarried,” she said.

According to the expert, the primary function of a side chick is basically to perform the duties and obligations that a wife neglects to carry out, and by so doing, she indirectly prevents the marriage from disintegrating.

However, she noted that some married men manipulate their side chicks by lying to them about their intentions to marry them, which is obviously a trick to make them stay.

She further advises side chicks not to fall in love because the relationship could end badly, saying, “but rather that it should be a transactional business that should benefit both parties.”

She wrote, “Side chicks are one of the major reasons why a lot of MEN are still married to their wives.

“I know many woman especially can’t stand honest reality, they live in illusion and fantasy but the truth is, side chick are one of the.

“basic factors holding a lot of relationships and marriages . Vanguard

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