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[Success Digest] There Is A Hero In You By Abimbola Abatta



At certain points in life, the hero in us will show forth, especially when life’s tempests roar with madness. Being a hero does not exempt you from fear. Fear will come; it will sink its teeth into your flesh. You will almost want to give up, but the moment you realise that your purpose is bigger than you, you won’t consider giving up.

On the path to being a hero, you will be confronted by obstacles. The tough road will become tougher. Tribulations will give you more than a triple serving. You will feel a moment’s weakness in spite of your strength. But as rightly stated by Novalis, “A hero is one who knows how to hang on one minute longer.” As a hero, you will never surrender to defeat. You know how to hold on to life a little longer.

Even as the battle becomes tougher, the hero in you becomes stronger because you are fighting for a greater good. When you encourage the brokenhearted, bringing them words that soothe their aches, you are a hero. When you cheerfully share that limited riches with the poor, you are a hero. Heroes don’t spread lies about people; they would rather clear off every web of gossip.

Life holds more meaning to them. They cherish it, and will never hurt a soul. Heroes don’t give up. They are not quitters. Even in death, heroes are alive. They are aware of life’s dual phases. They know that life can be cunning at times. They are not fazed by difficulties. Fear inspires them to act.

You can choose to live for humanity or nothing. You can decide to make the world a better place with your abilities. It’s your choice. You can decide to be an embodiment of positivity, hope, strength, valour, and lots more.

Remember, heroes have fears too, but they are prepared to overpower their fears. They are undeterred by challenges. Even when their good deeds are repaid with evil, they are not discouraged. Heroes are ready to walk down the road cowards dread to tread.

When you feel like embracing defeat, remember the hero that lives in you. Heroes are tougher than their battles. They see strength in every weakness. Every curse is a blessing to heroes. They are game-changers. They’ve come to make the world a haven.

Heroes are ordinary people who have decided to take an extra step in order to achieve extraordinary feats. Heroes are normal men and women with an unusual mindset that is capable of transforming the world. Every hero in history made a choice, and you can make a choice too. No matter what life throws at you, you can be a hero.

©Abimbola F. Abatta

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