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Do You Know David? By Abimbola Abatta



Abimbola Abatta

I often reflect on the story of David, especially when he confronted Goliath. Undoubtedly, the unseen hands of God were at work in his life, but if he had not believed in himself he wouldn’t have accomplished that feat.

David had no experience in the art of war. He was not a soldier; he was just a shepherd. The only battle he had fought and won was killing a bear and a lion. Compared to the experiences of the soldiers of Israel, David was an amateur. Yet he believed in his God-given abilities. He believed in the strength of the God that lives in him.

He was given the armour and sword to fight Goliath, but he could not wield those strange weapons. He had his own weapon. This weapon was peculiar to him: a sling. All he needed to “shoot” the sling was a stone.

I believe the soldiers would have laughed at such a crude weapon. They would have mocked David’s inexperience. They would have prepared some men who would carry his corpse and bury him. No one believed that a small boy, an ordinary shepherd, a naive youth could overpower the towering Goliath.

David would have looked like a rat in a lion’s den. He would have seemed vulnerable and weak to them. Some would have pitied him because he was about to waste his young life, flinging his parents into the darkness of child loss.

When we were younger, my dad had a catapult which he often used to kill birds. I couldn’t have imagined that such a “crude” weapon could kill a human being. Not just an ordinary human, but a man who was over nine feet tall!

Anyways, the seemingly inexperienced David killed the mammoth. With a sling and a stone! Wow! He had no experience, yet he conquered the mountain. He only had a crude weapon, yet that primitive weapon overpowered the refined weapons of his enemy.

The story of David had always encouraged me to believe in myself. David could have run away the moment he saw Goliath. But he was courageous. No one told him to fight; he volunteered to fight. The voice of naysayers was strong, but he stood up for what he believed in. He had the backing of God. He had his experience as a shepherd who killed two wild animals. As a youth, he was protective of his people. He was a nobody before then, but his heroic act made him known. He became famous and highly sought-after.

If David could overcome the mountain that threatened the peace of his people, you can overcome every mountain on your path. Regardless of what you are passing through right now, keep believing in yourself. What you have is enough. David had more than enough to kill Goliath, likewise you! All you need is faith.

Your faith is enough to fight the Goliath of your life. You have more than enough to fight depression. You have more than enough to fight poverty. You have more than enough to fight negativity. You have more than enough to fight the storms of life. You have more than enough to fight pessimism. You have more than enough to fight sorrow and sadness. Yes, you have more than enough!

Focus on your inner strength. Everything that you need is in you. Your belief in God’s ability is more than enough. With faith, you can surmount mountains. They’ll become a plain ground before you. God created us to withstand the storms of life. We have what it takes to fight back. We have the skills to design our victory. We’ve got the weapon that can conquer the Goliaths of life.

What is that Goliath in your life? Perhaps family and friends are making jest of your situation. Perhaps naysayers have pitched a tent in your heart. Whatever it is that you are currently passing through, keep believing in yourself.

You have not come this far to retreat from your Goliath. You have not come this far to be devoured by the lions. You have not come this far to be forsaken by your Creator. Keep the hope alive; believe in your God-given abilities. You have more than enough to fight and win this battle that stands before you. Simply have faith. Do you believe it?

Cheers to your victory!

©Abimbola F. Abatta

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