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Osimhen Must Apologize To Finidi, Nigerians – Idah



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-Anichebe Blames Striker Over Outburst

There have been calls for Super Eagles striker, Victor Osimhen, to apologise to Finidi George and Nigerians over the Napoli striker’s outburst against the former national team coach on social media with the latest coming from former goalkeeper, Peterside Idah.

Osimhen on Saturday said so many unprintable words against Finidi on social media over claims that the coach said he always choose games he wants to play for Nigeria.

The coach however debunked the story while saying the striker should have clarified issues with him before ranting on social media.

According to Idah, action should be taken against the former Lille of France striker while calling on the player himself to do the honourable thing by coming out openly to apologise.

“He should apologise, he need to come out and apologise for all the things he said to Finidi George,” Idah said.

“Finidi George is a legend, for you to just wag your mouth and say things unpalatable, he should have rather called the coach and asked questions, that’s what responsible people do, it is a bit of irresponsibility and I think the NFF must call Victor Osimhen and ask him to apologise, he must do that, he has to do that for just ranting his mouth, for saying things unheard of.

“Our national team is sacred, days when we were wearing the national team jersey, we always respect those that wore it before us, he is not the first and won’t be the last, he kept on saying things without control, he should come out openly and apologise to former footballers, apologise to the NFF, Finidi and all Nigerians.

“I think action should be taken or he should be barred from playing for the national team because if we allow this type of thing to continue, it will not augur well for Nigeria. It is a call that sanity must be brought into our football.

“For those at the leadership, the NFF president, Secretary General, all those running our football at this moment, must show purpose, the sport minister, he has to call this young man to order because you can’t be talking to people like that all because they have access to their phone and record themselves because they have followers on social media, I think this must stop. For those of us that played for this country, it is an insult to all of us.”

In the same vein, former Everton striker, Victor Anichebe, while blaming the striker over his outburst, he also called out on the NFF for being clueless.

Anichebe said Nigerians love Negativity and Drama while saying Osimhen should have reached out to Finidi before his outburst.

He added: “We just love negativity and drama in Nigeria. VO (Victor Osimhen) was wrong with coming out publicly, I’m sure he understands this now but in the heat of the moment, it is difficult. This could have been done in private even though I fully understand he doesn’t want anyone to tarnish his image and commitment that he has worked tirelessly to maintain.

“That being said the whole federation is a complete and utter mess, completely clueless, lack foresight, no clue about football, what was their hiring process? Nepotism at its finest. How can results be achieved with a leaderless bunch at the helm? The whole organisation needs to be disbanded.”