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Henry Reveals Why Real Madrid Sold Varane To Man United



Henry Reveals Why Real Madrid Sold Varane To Man United

Thierry Henry, a former striker for Arsenal on Thursday claimed that Raphael Varane’s decision to leave Real Madrid for Manchester United was caused by a “knee issue.”

It would be recalled that Varane, who left Real Madrid for Manchester United in the summer of 2021, won eighteen trophies in his ten years there.

Henry gave Real Madrid further credit for their ability to assemble and sustain a winning team by holding onto some of the veteran players and letting the younger players pick up skills from them.

Madrid might rule Europe for many years to come if they can buy Kylian Mbappe from Paris Saint-Germain and retain their present young stars, as the former Barcelona player pointed out.

He said: “There is one thing you have to give them [Real Madrid] a lot of credit for, the ability they have to make sure they build a team with keeping some of the old guard with them to make sure that they can explain to the guys coming, the young guys coming,” Henry told CBS Sports.

“If you look at it, if Mbappe goes there, they are going to have a team that can be dominating Europe and dominating their league for maybe six to seven years because they will all be young- Mbappe, Vinicius Junior, Rodrygo, Valverde, Tchouameni.

“The one thing they do ever so well is they know when to get rid of players.

“I am not talking about the players that are logical to get rid of. I am talking about it was time for Ronaldo. It was time for Casemiro. It was time for Ozil. It was time for Varane, which was more, I think, of a knee issue, if I understand well.”