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APC Defeats PDP In Saki West Rerun Poll In Oyo



The candidate of the All Progressives Congress, (APC), Ibrahim Shittu has defeated his Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP), counterpart, Julius Femi in the rerun election which took place in Saki West state constituency of Oyo state.

The rerun election was conducted in Unit 11, Ward 6, Odo Odun, Kinikini and Unit 19, Ward 11, Ogbalanja, Saki West State constituency.

It would be recalled that the Court of Appeal had sacked the lawmaker representing Saki West state constituency, Shittu Ibrahim of the All Progressives Congress (APC), who was declared the winner of March 18, 2023 election and ordered rerun in the 2 units.

While declaring the total results of the previous election and that of the rerun, after the election, the Presiding Officer said that APC in the two Units scored 13, 982 while PDP scored 13, 755. The two parties recorded 299 and 333 in addition to their earlier results.

With the declaration, the APC candidate has displaced Femi Julius of the PDP in the State constituency.