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Charly Boy’s Critique Of Rotimi Amaechi: A Tale Of Forgotten Good Deeds – Akin Akinbobola



Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy, recently took to social media to criticize former Minister of Transportation Rotimi Amaechi, who was seen at the airport awaiting a commercial flight. This incident, however, should not have stirred public attention, especially given Charly Boy’s notorious reputation among many Nigerians.

Comparing the backgrounds and contributions of Amaechi and Charly Boy reveals stark differences. For those who are discerning, these two figures are worlds apart and incomparable.

Rotimi Amaechi, the former Governor of Rivers State from 2007 to 2015, is well-known for his significant contributions to infrastructure, including roads and bridges, as well as improvements in healthcare and education within the state. His tenure as Minister of Transportation from 2015 to May 2022 saw transformative reforms in Nigeria’s transport sector, particularly in railway development. Amaechi also served as the Chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF), where he made a lasting impact on the next generation of Nigerian leaders.

On the other hand, Charly Boy is recognized as a Nigerian entertainer, social activist, and leader of the ‘Our Mumu Don Do’ movement, a social advocacy group. Public perception of Charly Boy is often marred by his controversial and outspoken nature. One might question what public good Charly Boy has achieved. Analyzing the content and context of his work is necessary to determine if he is a suitable role model for the youth. It’s worth noting that Charly Boy once publicly denounced his father, the respected Justice Chukwudifu Oputa, which raises further questions about his credibility as a mentor.

In a display of his humanitarian side, Amaechi once awarded a multi-million naira contract to Charly Boy to support his livelihood. This act of benevolence, however, seems to have been forgotten by Charly Boy, who now vehemently criticizes his benefactor.

In summary, Charly Boy’s recent outburst against Amaechi reflects an age-old adage: “good deeds are often forgotten in moments of madness.”

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