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Sola Lawal’s Death, Another Lesson 0061 By Rotimi Makinde



Sola Lawal's Death, Another Lesson 0061 By Rotimi Makinde

Hon Sola Lawal must have been on his knees to beg Iku and its sender to spare him for a little more to live. I know for sure if the angel of death wanted some funds, Aare Adinni of the Muslim Community of Ile Ife, Osun State wouldn’t have thought twice to part with some money to spare him a little more.

He was never a stingy fellow, but death knows nothing about someone being a giver, humble or in life as a torch bearer for many.

His kindness and generous heart couldn’t be the needed fuel to make him live a little more beyond the 61 years written for him .

When death came calling on this democrat born because of many, he came with all the venom as usual and he is ever belligerent, unkind nature with its rigid heart on each victim. Such was the fate and the portion of our dear Hon Sola Lawal, a veteran media guru as the Almighty Iku took him to the great beyond within such a twinkle of an eye without notice …

Unknown to my egbon, he built a palatial home at Parakin Ile Ife, he called it ILE RIA, our home so that we all and especially the Ifes regardless of political differences see the beautiful place as a haven for all that cares.

Death was never mindful of his gentility and that he was such a lovely character that accommodates all and sundry and someone who was deeply religious, it doesn’t even care to know if he worked for our dear party and expected to be rewarded…

What an horrible life we live in. Death a necessary end for everyone of us, weather we like it or not its debt we all shall pay no matter our status. We have no choice !

Well, the lesson attracts by his 61 years sojour in life as he Uncle Sola Lawal drew the curtain simply invites us to let go of fear:
To learn to let go of the inevitability of death and of fear of the unknown. Embracing the inevitability of death can reduce the fear of the unknown and help us and those we love to live more courageously…

May his Soul Rest in Peace.

Adieu Sola Lawal.