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2024: Shafaudeen Predicts Bleak Year, Says Corruption, Indiscipline ‘Il Undermine Efforts To Develop, Live Well



The founder , spiritual head and grand Imam of Shafaudeen – in- Islam Worldwide, Prof Sabit Ariyo Olagoke JP has said the quest for survival and to live well by Nigerians will be hindered by corruption and indicipline this year 2024.

He stated this in his yearly prediction titled ” Shafaudeen 2024 Prediction for Nigeria System Regulation for Proactive Measures to avoid unpleasantries”

The Islamic cleric who pointed out that too many problems and crisis would undermine government efforts, however said security network efforts would be fruitful to reasonable extent in the year.

Olagoke in his predictions on the general climate this year, called for prayers against road accidents, air mishap and fire outbreak in some months just as he warned that religious status would be reduced to a case of lost hope
due to poor practices

He gave a breakdown of specific monthly occurrence in year 2024 as follows:

1. January, 2024.
Government on cautious planning efforts.
Government efforts on economy will be overwhelmed into fruitless efforts.
Little impact shall be made on Education.
Security alert would be rife.
Some religious sects would fall by the wayside.
There would be weak preparations on sports.
This is accident prone month on roads, free air drive and be safety conscious to avoid fire outbreak.

2. February, 2024.
Cross carpeting in politics would reduce some political parties into skeletal frame.
Economy revival efforts would be experienced.
Succor for educational personnel in this month.
Security alert would be sensitive and effective.
There shall be crack in the wall of religion’s image.
Sports would experience administrative restructuring.
Be safety conscious to experience accident free month.

3. March, 2024.
Political party restructuring for better performance shall be in rivalry.
Economic buoyancy and succor for the people would be experienced.
There shall be stalemate in Education development.
Favorable month for vigilance and surveillance security wise.
Some religious houses shall experience outflow of adherents.
Cleansing exercise in sports administration and management shall be on.
Pray against Air mishaps and electrical source fire outbreak.

4. April, 2024.
Democracy dividend shall be experienced in this month as there shall be buoyancy in the economy.
Decadence in education shall be visited and addressed for cleansing.
There will be security alert against kidnapping and banditry.
Religion status shall experience a dark image with people in dimming hope.
Boost for good performance in sports shall be on in this month.
Be safety conscious to avoid fatal road accidents and fire outbreak.

5. May, 2024.
Political activities would yield some dividend of democracy through boost in the economy.
Education shall be addressed into a boost.
Security Network alert for hoodlums shall be set as traps.
Religion bigotry shall be exposed and taken care by God.
Ailment in sports shall be experienced.
Pray against fire outbreak and bush fire.

6. June, 2024.
A political party shall capsize and sink while some treasury looters shall be trapped.
Positive change in educational management shall be on.
A big time hoodlum shall be trapped by trial.
Religion shall be rubbished into a trash state.
Pray against poor hope in sports.
Pray against road accidents.

7. July, 2024.
Avoid waste of dividend of democracy.
Boost in the economy shall be experienced to appreciation.
Avoid choking effect in the Education sector.
Security surveillance shall yield threat to hoodlums and peace for the people in this month.
Religious people shall be in a quandary of how to go about damage control.
Efforts on sports revival shall revive hope.
Pray against fire disaster.

8. August, 2024.
Political bigwigs in power tussle.
Dividend of boost in the economy shall be on but without impact.
Healthy sporting activities shall be on.
Pray against obstructions on road to avoid accidents and delay in flight due to engine fault.

9. September, 2024.
Healthy period for political captives to gain freedom.
Need for government and anti-graft agencies to prevent looters from hijacking the economy.
Revival efforts on the education sector shall be on.
Security alert yield against hoodlum activities.
Falsehood and idolatry in some religious sects shall collapse them into a ridiculous state.
Pray against stalemate and hard up in the sports sector.
There shall be construction work and traffic lull on some roads.
Pray against Air mishaps due to loss of direction.
Pray against fire outbreak! Be safety conscious.

10. October, 2024.
Fair month for political activities.
Pray against economic downturn.
Pray against fruitless efforts in reviving education sector.
Security Network would be effective.
Satanic influence shall thwart positive efforts to revive Religion from it’s poor state in the society.
Work against demonstration in sports
Pray against fatal road accidents and air mishaps that may disinterest people from air services.
Pray also against fatal fire outbreak most especially from petrol stations.

11. November, 2024.
Pray against political bigwigs and political shortfall that may bring politicians into ridicule.
Pray against unpleasantries in the economy.
Fence mending in the education sector shall be rife.
Security alert on information tip shall be on.
There shall be damage control needs to improve on religious poor practices.
There shall careful selection need and training for sports Team, Administration and Management.
Be safety conscious to have accident free month.

12. December, 2024.
Political hypocrites shall fall by the wayside due to internal democracy reality check.
There shall be fair economic boost for the people.
Fruitful effort in reviving education shall be realised.
Uphold hygiene protocol in Security awareness campaign to destroy possible hoodlum hideouts.
A popular religious body shall experience division and separation of some members to form another sect.
Boost in sports for better preparation and performances shall be enhanced.
There shall be road construction in some parts of the country.
Pray against fire outbreak.

“Therefore, divine revelation are predictive for proactive measures in management and administration. rebranding for proper socialization, correct cultural and ethical value orientation for promotion of Integrity, and discipline for all must be put in place to allow divine intervention in revamping our economy, to promote healthy and stable policies as well as principle of equity are very much needed.

“Good governance is a function of Godly Leadership (Q38v26) and bad governance is a dividend of bad leadership (Daniel 5 vs25-28) the Religious sector must therefore imbibe the culture of Religious Harmony to promote peace and be more dedicated to the cause of discipline, love and culture of patriotism to move the nation forward. So that we may avoid stalemate to save our Democracy and our Country.