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Aregbesola, Lasun Yusuf And Repercussion



By Sodiq Lawal Chocomilo

By Sodiq Lawal Chocomilo

During his tenure as governor, Aregbesola forced members of the National Assembly to build three mini-water across the three senatorial districts in the state.

Lasun Yusuf, an engineer and the chairman of the water committee, was assigned to oversee the project. Lasun obtained the projects through proxies and a backdoor, according to News Telegraph investigations.

This N1.7 billion project has never produced a drop of water as of now. Visit Ife-Odan, Ipetu-Ijesa, and Ila-Orangun; the horrifying stories of the struggles the locals face to get water are overwhelming.

In addition to these projects failing, the federal legislators who funded them all were not given their share of the fund. As a minister, Aregbesola said nothing about the issue and remained silent as a governor. Both ignored the problem, leaving the residents of Ife-Odan, Ipetu-Ijesa, and Ila Orangun—including the federal MPs who were duped—to live in abject poverty.

It is astonishing that the same Lasun Yusuf who Aregbesola welcomed and placed in charge of an unsuccessful initiative would then publicly criticize him, calling him a retired politician seeking attention.

I’m aware that vengeance exists. I am not averse to consequences. I’m just unaware that it could arrive suddenly. Right now, Aregbesola ought to be chewing his fingers.

Happy New Year fellas

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