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Asiwaju Project Beyond 2003: Time To Restructure Now That DG Has Left [Part 1] By Adeboye Adebayo



It is no news that the former Director General of our Project, Barrister Rilwan Okpanachi has left since he has pitched his tent with the governorship candidate of the SDP in his home state of Kogi. It is abomination in the Asiwaju Grassroots Foundation, AGF that is the mother of Asiwaju Project Beyond 2023 to go against the wish, decision and plan of our principal, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who is now by the grace of God, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Under the leadership of the former DG, the Project performed badly and woefully in its activities, there were no proper coordination of activities, best contents of activities that is embedded in us were not reeled out for the benefits of our numerous members and the general public, our state and local government structure were not carried along and were not properly coordinated. The National Executive Council. NEC under the leadership of the former DG failed woefully and that he has left, it is time to restructure to take our rightful place in the government of Bola Ahmed Tinubu to succeed.


It is verifiable that Asiwaju Project Beyond 2023 is the number one support group of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu from the onset and till date. Under its mother, AGF, the project has been propagating the principle of justice, fair play, ideas, innovation, rule of law, good governance and egalitarian society since many years back.

It is also verifiable that the project is the only support group that has structures in the nooks and crannies of the 36 states and 774 local governments and existing LCDAs in Nigeria. We are giant, we are formidable, we are 100 percent loyal to Tinubu and his course, we are full of energy, we are full of ideas and innovations, we are the number one supporter of Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the World.

Asiwaju Project Beyond 2023 is the only real and existing support group that has an existing and physical, beautiful secretariat in a choice and open area of Maitama in Abuja. The office is fully equipped and ready for unique activities.

We have dedicated staff; we have personnel and executive members who have distinguished themselves in the field of politics and their various fields of professional endeavors. Many of our members are full of ideas, innovations. Many of our members have quality networks in various states and in Abuja sufficient enough to drive the project successfully.

No other support group anywhere in the World can boast of these qualities and arsenals, so why are we docile? Why are we relegating the AGF who is the mother of the project, who has been at the forefront of Tinubu’s political struggle to the back? Why are we subjecting our numerous loyal and committed members to torture, regrets, frustration and innermost emotional depression? Why will a project who parade somebody like me and many distinguished personalities at the national and state levels be a dead horse?.

It is time to challenge ourselves and come together to salvage our precarious situation. By this article, I am challenging the founding fathers and members including new entrants to come together and chart a new course for our project.

We have worked committedly and loyally with our huge financial, material and intellectual resources hence it is time to get rewards through the front doors and not the back doors in order to position ourselves and support President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to succeed in office as our principal.

It is time to restructure to turn ourselves into a major stakeholder in Tinubu’s government in the area of:

1. Getting Rewards for our numerous members who worked assiduously for the enthronement of Tinubu’s government in form of Appointments at any level, Really Contracts for our members who are contractors that have contributed their hard-earned resources to the success of the project, Consultancy jobs for those who are Professionals in a various field of governance and in form liaising with the various funding agencies of government, parastatals like CBN, SMEDAN, ITF, NDE and the likes with the intentions to train and constructively empower our numerous members and also support our members with existing businesses with funds and initiatives of the government and also assist those without business to start one so that all of us can be financially independent and be happy without any iota of regrets of working for Tinubu, of being a member of Asiwaju Grassroots Foundation, AGF or being part of Asiwaju Project Beyond 2023.

2. Strengthening Tinubu’s administration with proposals in line with the Renewed Hope Agenda.

3. Working with relevant professionals within the project and outside the project to give Tinubu’s suggestions and directions in policy coordination, formulation, and implementation for the betterment and development of our nation.

4. To put a defensive mechanism in place for Tinubu’s administration in order to tame and nip in the bud any and all antics of opposition or its elements from wherever they are coming from.

5. Feedback is very key in governance, we need to strategically put a feedback mechanism in place so as to continue to feed the government and its agents with the yearnings and aspirations of the electorates and the general public.

6. Others that are ancillary to the above.

In Conclusion, I want to appreciate our structures right from the National Executive Council as controlled and stirred by Mr. Abiodun Yinusa and Mr. Ali Balogun to all the 36 state coordinators and well over 774 local government coordinators for their roles in taking the project this far. It is time to restructure and by this article, I am challenging all the organs of the project: 1. Messrs Abiodun Yinusa, Ali Balogun and Members of the National Executive Council which I am a member, 2. The Six Zonal Coordinators 3. The 36 State Coordinators to be wary of HISTORY which is worldly & POSTERITY which is divine as God is watching all of us, all of our minds, all of our efforts, all of our genuineness, all of our intentions and all of our actions and He is the only one that will reward all of us at the fullness of time according to His ratings of our ACTIONS & INACTIONS.

A relevant Meeting of all stakeholders and founding members should be called immediately in the next one week and fashion out the way forward now. Enough of docility, enough of hearsay, enough of cluelessness, enough of Hide & Seek games, enough of backdoors engagements with the Project name, enough of the frustration of our people, enough of the emotional torture of our members, enough of HOPELESSNESS of our people in this RENEWED HOPE ERA of our country.

In Part 2, I will tell the World how we got here in the first place at the right time and soonest.

Thank you all and God bless us all including our Principal.

Comrade Adeboye Adebayo is the National Publicity Secretary of Asiwaju Grassroots Foundation (AGF) and National Director, Media and Publicity, Asiwaju Project Beyond 2023.

Disclaimer: This piece represents the opinion of the writer not that of CityMirrorNews