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2023: Tinubu In The Eyes Of History By Ibraheem Alli



The homecoming of a pride, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The worth of a responsible leader is determines not by what he promise to do but what he has done most especially in lifting his followers. If your credits are not opened, don’t join politics. If you have any, limit your aspiration to your credit boundaries unless you become a perpetual/serial loser.

My interest in Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the two terms governor of Lagos State and a senator in the brief 3rd republic,is as old as the secondary school I attended. Since I got admitted, our government teacher will organize a special current affairs session to test and familiarize us with issues and figures of national interest. Tinubu has always been one of those we heard in the news. Then, he was not the only one to be governor and all other 35 states also had political ruler,then. Till date, he is still the talk of the villages, towns, cities etc. Why always Tinubu?

The political adventure of Tinubu is a model for prospective politicians daring for prospects. God has not only used him to make people but also to engineer a mega city.

I’ve read of many great world leaders. Of unique note is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu most especially in Africa. While his contemporaries were building structure, he was busy building men. Less than 5years after he left office as the number one citizen of Lagos State, he has been installing governors from the stooges he groomed. In Nigeria of today, no politician can boost of the numbers of political stooges of Tinubu.There is no single states in the southwestern Nigeria that his either one or two of his disciples have not ruled. He made senators, house of representatives members, State honourables,.ministers, ambassadors and so on.

As per administrative prowess, he was the architect of modern Lagos. If antecedent is a factor, he remains the best. Nigeria needs a leader with practical knowledge. Someone who have done it before excellently with an opened scorecards. Lagos is bastion and home of big men. Tinubu refined it as such. Ask your candidate, what has he or she done? We need scorecards not blaming cards.

He has influenced a string political amalgamation that produced the nations’ presidents.

On health ground, they alleged he is not medically fit. Please, who has campaign so vigorously as Tinubu amongst his contenders? I await this answer before I release the next episode of my epistle.