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[ThursdayRapAround] And 2022 Is Here Finally!



By Michael Ayotunde

The long-awaited 2022 is here finally – Hurray! Special thanks to the Ultimate Giver of life.

In the new year, getting to work and hitting the ground running is very important – for us as individuals, as organisations and as a nation.

Where the people that make up a nation set out achievable goals at the start of the year, and meticulously follow it through, the benefits, in the long run, are immense. These are some of the things that make the society thick and gel seamlessly.

A nation will truly reflect the very set of people it produces.

Imagine the trend of atrocities in every facet of our national life lately – from the North, to the South, East, and the West. Should these be allowed to continue? Never. Else, the country is doomed.

This is the more reason why this responsibility is very key – it’s not about government this time around. The PEOPLE has important role to play here. By this, we mean artisans, students, traders, teachers, religious leaders, community leaders, market associations, civil servants, trade unions, businessmen and women etc.

We all have a duty and responsibility to one another – let everybody play his or her role and the society is better for it.

Setting goal(s) and or new year resolution(s) can be a bit tricky and tasky too, no doubt. But when and where it is painstakingly mapped out and intently executed, the end result is usually gratifying.

In setting goals for the year, bear in mind that it must be SMART >>> Strategic, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.

These indices are major determining factors in formulating and executing strategies that are capable of engendering meaningful response with far-reaching impact in our world today.

Note the message >>> Meticulously follow it through >>> this requires utmost attention, planning and commitment – it is never an haphazard arrangement.

With realities in our world today, ranging from pandemic, economic frailty, insecurity, banditry, Kidnapping, and general health issues, the following areas require adequate attention.

1. Eat healthier and endeavour to change your diet. You are what you eat. Opt for lesser calories and more nutritious food.

2. Be more conscious of your mental health. When ‘mental health’ is mentioned, some people will denounce, rebuke you immediately, saying what are you talking about – as though it were a taboo. It is when mental health is neglected that it degenerates to something else. Happenings around us are capable of causing grave damage to people’s mental conditions.

3. Keep fit. Our world today has placed on us the need to keep fit to avoid stories that touch. Exercises help keep body and soul together.

4. Spend quality time with family
5. Spend wisely
6. Be security conscious
7. Pick up new hobbies to lower your stress levels, boost your brain powers, and improve your capacity to focus.

The list is thus not exhausted. Feel free to add yours. And let’s get to work.

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