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(TuesdayRapAround) AYEFELE: Indeed, This Life Is Flexible



AYEFELE: Indeed, This Life Is Flexible

Beyond the claims and counter claims over the recently demolished property in Ibadan, the Music House, said to be owned by the famous gospel Artiste, Yinka Ayelele, what could have led to this unfortunate development?

The demolition was said to have been carried out by representatives of the state government. True to fact, officials of the Oyo State Government did not deny being behind what many people have described as executive recklessness and rascality in the face of stringent economic conditions.

When in 2008 while processes leading to the construction of the building were being put in place, if anyone had hinted or suggested that at a time like this, a serving governor of the state, while in the twilight of his administration would wake up and ordered the demolition of the structure, no one would not have entertained such thinking. In fact, it would have been discarded with a wave of hand.

However, about 10 years down the line, the reality on ground stared even doubting Thomases rudely in the face when state machineries were deployed to the property – leaving behind carcases of a once boisterous structure.

The man in question, Yinka Ayefele, despite glaring challenging conditions, refused to be cowed. He rose through obscurity to register his name in gold. There are several other individuals in his shoe who never strive to make any noticeable mark in their world, let alone add or contribute to the employment sector in the country. But by dint of hard work and zest for life, Ayefele opted to be counted among achievers, role models in the society.

Why it is not right for anyone to, under any manner or pretence be seen to circumvent constituted authority or laid down rules and regulations, it is also safe to say that government exist ONLY for the people; it exists to ensure security of life and property of the people; to promote economic survival of the state and the people in general; to safe guard against acts and or actions that are tantamount to rights abuses, infringement, impunity and gross maladministration.

But when instrument of state – instruments that ordinarily should have been used to protect the people, is now being used to exploit, oppress the people, it leaves more questions on the lips of the people on the actual intention(s) of the government.

One definitely cannot fathom the motive(s), beyond the convulsive explanations given so far by officials of the state government to issue such an order; such a glaring assault on a helpless, defenceless member of the society.

It was on record that the victim of this state-sponsored assault had approached court for stay of execution, pending the determination of whether the said property was well-sited or not. But the government, in defiance of court processes, threw caution to the wind; by pulling down the property as if that was the most important project or assignment that demands prime attention of the Mr. Abiola Ajimobi-led government in the state.

This, no doubt, is impunity taken too far – on the part of the Oyo State government; intolerance of the highest order and a great disservice to the hundreds of thousands of people with similar condition as Yinka Ayefele, who unknowingly are aspiring to be useful members of the society.

The dust is yet to settle over similar onslaught in Kaduna State, during which the state governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, in a gestapo manner, was said to have ordered the demolition of a property belonging to a serving Senator in the state, Suleiman Hunkuyi, a perceived opponent of the governor.

One wonders what manner of precedents are being laid in the country – with these distasteful experiences being perpetrated by sitting governors against perceived opponents.

It is unfortunate that these acts are being performed by same people who took oath of office, and swore to defend and protect the provisions of the nation’s Constitution.

What manner of examples are they laying for upcoming generations?

These actions, certainly, can never be on the good side of history.


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