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OCSC Calls On Adeleke To Pay 12-Month Salaries Of Osun Job Centre Workers



The Osun Civil Societies Coalition (OCSC) has called on Governor Ademola Adeleke to see to the payment of the 12-month salaries of workers of Osun Job Centre which his administration has shut down.

According to the OCSC, the argument of the statement government that the Adeleke administration didn’t inherit the Job Centre and that the workers were contract staff didn’t hold water.

The coalition, in a statement by its Chairman and Secretary, Comrades Waheed Lawal and Emmanuel Olowu, on Thursday, said available record showed that the Job center was in existence till December 2023.

OCSC maintained that the workers were also paid their November and December 2023 salaries by the Adeleke’s administration.

The coalition argued that even if the workers of the Job Centre were contract staff, official communication should have taken place for their disengagement.

According to OCSC, since the government didn’t inform the workers of their disengagement, it is assumed that they are still actively engaged, meaning that the Adeleke administration is liable to the payment of their salaries.

The statement partly reads: “The fact that somebody is a contract staff doesn’t mean the employer so treat them shabbily. They are entitled to dignity of labour and decency.

“The Osun Job Centre staff were engaged with a formal letter. Courtesy and rules of engagement also demand that you communicate them officially when their service is no longer needed. But that is not the case; it is assumed that the workers are still actively engaged by the state government since they have not been relieved formally. So, the Adeleke administration is liable to the payment of their salaries.

“Governor Adeleke came on board on November 27, 2023 and the Osun Job Centre workers received their Salaries for November and December same year. This actually means that centre was in existence.

“We called on the Governor to release the 12-month salaries of the workers. He has so far demonstrated his compassion for the welfare of the general workforce of the state. The Osun Job Centre workers are humans with families and dependants.”