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Agriculture: AgroInfoTech Africa, Founder Honoured With Prestigious Awards At Moor Plantation 60th Anniversary



The Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology, Moor Plantation, Ibadan has conferred “The “Alumni Achievement Award ” and the “Distinguished Innovative Award” on the Founder, AgroInfoTech Africa Group Mr. Ayooluwa Okediji at the college’s 60th anniversary

The two awards were presented to Mr. Okediji and AgroInfoTech Africa in recognition of their exceptional contributions to the field of agriculture, particularly in pioneering digital agriculture and agribusiness innovations.

The landmark event was held at the College’s auditorium, Ibadan, the Oyo state capital at the weekend

“As an illustrious alumnus, Mr. Okediji has led AgroInfoTech Africa since 2006, consistently demonstrating an unwavering commitment to enhancing the agricultural landscape through technological advancements. His visionary leadership has transformed traditional farming into a tech-driven, youth-led enterprise, integrating digital tools to propel agri-food businesses and projects forward and translating research into practical, climate-smart farming applications.

“Under his stewardship, AgroInfoTech Africa through its triad of ventures has not only established Nigeria’s first Digital Agribusiness Innovation Center and an agri-food business management consulting outfit, but has also successfully launched initiatives like FarmClusters, Farmsured and Farmtrove. These platforms have redefined agri-food cooperatives, finance, insurance, and pension schemes to farmers, thereby fostering resilience and empowering the agricultural community, offering zero-cost social protection mechanisms – all leveraging technology.

The awards underscore Mr. Okediji’s trailblazing work in creating a sustainable and innovative agricultural ecosystem. His strategic initiatives continues to empower a new generation of agripreneurs, with AgroInfoTech Africa’s efforts significantly enhancing productivity and sustainability within the sector.

Mr. Okediji expressed profound gratitude for the recognition received both personally and on behalf of AgroInfoTech Africa, reiterating their commitment to continue spearheading transformative initiatives in the agricultural sector. Through strategic collaborations and innovative technology, they aim to significantly enhance the agri-food landscape.

The agricultural community, as well as stakeholders from various sectors, extend their heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Okediji and AgroInfoTech Africa.

These accolades are a testament to their substantial contributions and enduring dedication to advancing agriculture in Nigeria.