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Inauguration Of $800M Geometric Power Plant: Forum Of South-East Academic Doctors Congratulates Prof Nnaji



Inauguration Of $800M Geometric Power Plant: Forum Of South-East Academic Doctors Congratulates Prof Nnaji

The Forum of South-East Academic Doctors (FOSAD) proudly felicitates Professor Barth Nnaji, a renowned academic, visionary leader and former Minister of Power on the momentous occasion of the commissioning of the $800 million Geometric Power Plant in Aba, Abia State.

Professor Barth Nnaji’s unwavering commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions in Nigeria is exemplified by the successful completion of the Geometric Power Plant, a monumental milestone not only for Aba but for the entire nation. This state-of-the-art facility stands as a demonstration of his dedication to fostering economic growth and development in the South East geopolitical zone.

FOSAD recognizes Prof Nnaji’s remarkable contributions to the energy sector, particularly in promoting clean and reliable power generation infrastructure. Under his leadership, the Geometric Power Plant is poised to revolutionize the energy landscape in Aba, spurring industrial growth, creating job opportunities, and improving the quality of life for countless residents.

As academic doctors hailing from the South East region, we applaud Prof Barth Nnaji for his visionary leadership and tireless efforts in harnessing the power of innovation to address Nigeria’s energy challenges. His steadfast commitment to excellence and his relentless pursuit of sustainable solutions serve as an inspiration to us all.

The commissioning of the Geometric Power Plant represents a significant milestone in Nigeria’s quest for energy security and economic prosperity. We commend Prof Nnaji for his foresight, determination, and unwavering dedication to advancing the socio-economic development of our nation.

In celebration of this historic achievement, FOSAD stands united in congratulating the governor of Abia State, Dr Alex Otti and the good people of Abia State. We hope that the newly commissioned Geometric Power Plant will usher in a new vista in the economic growth of the region.

Dr Uzor Ngoladi
Secretary General
Forum of South East Academic Doctors