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Nigeria Has been Robbed, Allow President Tinubu To Repair, Replace Stolen Goods, Oluwo Tells Nigerians



The Paramount Ruler of Iwoland HIM Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, has urged Nigerians to be patient with President Ahmed Tinubu in addressing the country’s woos.

He said Nigeria has just been robbed, asking Nigerians for little time to repair and replace the stolen properties from the burgled Nigeria.

Oba Akanbi described Tinubu’s presidency as promising with his convincing restoration of lost items from the looted house (Nigeria).

He enjoined Nigerians to endure the temporary pressure for tomorrow’s pleasure.

He charged stakeholders, politicians and opinion leaders to support the renewed hope project for Nigerians under promotion by President Ahmed Tinubu.

He assured Nigerians of an improved standard of living courtesy of President Tinubu. He asked Nigerians to hold both the state and local government leaderships accountable for judicious use of the humongous allocations received daily.

A new year message released by Oluwo through his press secretary, Alli Ibraheem, reads “Nigeria’s glory will be restored. Nigeria is a house that was burgled and robbed. The tiles, windows, furnitures, utenzils, and even the roof were painstakingly removed and left empty. Refurbishing such a looted house will requires patiency. Repairing the damaged walls and replacing the stolen items requires planning with experienced teams”

“We are already gaining momentum to reclaim the glory. The administrative prowess couple with the team work spirit of President Ahmed Tinubu as manifested in the appointment of his cabinet members is promising and convincing. He has challenged the fuel subsidy regime standing as a clogs in the wheel of the country’s greatness”

“The President is a listening leader. Many suggestions raised by concerned Nigerians and managers of resources are considered for implementation”

“As I speak, there are no government parastatals without positive actions since the inauguration of President Tinubu government. The security is improving through the efforts of the service chiefs, customs and the police. I was at an immigration office last week to renew my passports, within three days, It’s ready. We have never had it so good like this. Nigeria is working. If you think otherwise, you are wrong”

“The stakeholders, politicians and opinion leaders should support the government. I implore the citizens to endure the pressure of today for the pleasure of tomorrow. The President assembled the best team. I’m convinced that President Tinubu will restore the country’s glory by repairing the damaged walls, patching the cracking walls and replacing the stolen items”

“As a Paramount Traditional Ruler, I maintain affinity with the current government. They are trying their best to close the gap between the government and the people through the Traditional system. I can vouch that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu will do better and make this country a great Nation”

“I commend the resiliency of Nigerians most especially those who trust in the greatness of Nigeria. We will rise. Let’s eschew political bitterness. In unity lies our strength. Support for the government is a support for ourselves. We will rise again “