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Charity Organization Donates N25m Worth Of ICT Centre To Osun School



Charity Organization Donates N25m Worth Of ICT Centre To Osun School

A Charity Organization known as ITECH donated new computer and multimedia ICT centre to AFOPET College, Erin Oke, Oriade Local Government area of Osun State.

The ITECH President, Mr Ladesuyi Adewale said that the charity organization built the ICT centre in a bid to improve technology in the country.

He explained that N25 million naira were invested for the building ,buying of computers , laptops and scholarship of awards to students.

Speaking during the commissioning of the edifice, Adewale said: “the objective is to help the young one with the computer skills so that, they can be able to be self employed. We want to catch them young many of our young ones are going abroad not knowing they can make it in Nigerian many people in abroad are looking for who will work with them. So that the future.”

“The goals of the ICT center is to enable students acquired deeper knowledge of the computer programming , data analysis among others which will enable them secure a job after graduation.”

He said,”the motives is also to catch them young and reduce the rate of running abroad for job as, the knowledge gained will enable students invest in the country.”

“This is done to pay back to the community. The school is ready to help them . As at now, we are giving scholarship to most of those in training , two teachers are currently undergoing the training those people will train others but even at that, we have to do foreign examinations that will qualify them to get job abroad so they have to pay for those foreign examinations”

“Our agency has a trustee which is made up of about successful professionals and business men we spent about 25 million for the building, computers and for the scholarship and most of the things we need for the program .

He called on state government to support the Programme by adding more computer gadgets and other equipments w to the center to enable them move faster.

Receiving the project, the proprietor of the school , Mr Afolabi Oluwafemi Peter praised the organization for sponsoring the ICT center in the school.

He said the Afropect Computer Center is a testament to the vision and dedication of a remarkable individual, Olori Oyinlola, the initiator for the noble venture.

“Today marks a momentous occasion as we gather to officially Inaugurate the AFOPET Computer Training Centre. I stand before you with immense pride and gratitude, celebrating not only the physical space we unveil but the boundless opportunities it promises for the people of Erin Oke and its surroundings.”

“The AFOPET Computer Training Centre is a testament to the vision and dedication of a remarkable individual, Olori Oyinlola, the initiator of this noble venture. Her commitment to education and empowerment has paved the way for a brighter future for our community.”

” We owe her a debt of gratitude for her unwavering belief in the transformative power of education. In addition, collective efforts and support of the community parents, and others who contributed to the realization of the AFOPET Computer Training Centre is highly appreciated.”

“In the next year, the people of Erin Oke and its environs can expect a blossoming hub of technological empowerment. This center is not merely a place for learning; it is a catalyst for community development. We envision a year filled with workshops, outreach programs, and collaborative initiatives that will bring the benefits of digital literacy to every doorstep. The AFOPET Computer Training Centre is not an isolated entity but a dynamic part of the community, contributing to its growth and progress.

“To the students of AFOPET College, the next year holds the promise of skill acquisition, personal development, and expanded horizons. Our dedicated Trained personnels and facilities are here to nurture your intellectual curiosity and equip you with the tools necessary for success. As you walk through the doors of this institution, envision a journey that goes beyond textbooks, where innovation and creativity are the guiding lights.

“In a touching tribute, we are honoured to announce that the computer lab within this center will be named after HIS ROYAL MAJESTY LATE CHRISTOPHER ABIODUN ADEWUMI OYINLOLA. May this be a lasting tribute to a leader whose legacy of wisdom and progress continues to inspire US.”