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Ogun Threatens To Shutdown, Prosecute Eateries, Food Outlets Over Pollution, Food Poisoning



Ogun state government has threatened to shutdown eateries and food outlets in the high – brow Oke-Ilewo axis of Abeokuta, Ogun state capital over alleged unwholesome practices and environmental pollution.

This, the government said became imperative following several warnings to the operators of the eateries and food outlets to stop violating public hygiene.

The government therefore gave eateries and food outlets a seven-day ultimatum to remedy the situation or face total closure and possible prosecution.

The Commissioner for Environment, Mr Ola Oresanya handed down the ultimatum after an inspection visits to the affected eateries and food outlets on Monday.

Oresanya lamented that, the attitude of eateries and food outlets towards hygiene constitutes danger to public health.

The commissioner said eateries and food outlets must immediately improve on their operational hygiene “so as to safeguard their customers and residents of the state from the risk of food poisoning resulting from their present condition”.

According to Oresanya, it was discovered that accumulated fats, oils and grease and other food materials in a confined chambers which were not scooped daily thus allowing their breakdown by microbes which releases toxic waste.

“Aside from this, it was discovered that they were discharging their untreated waste water directly into the public drain, open holes were also seen within their septic tanks holding faecal matters, general poor house-keeping as well as evidence of rat infestation within their stores areas.

Oresanya added that, already the state government have taken evidences against the concerned eateries and food outlets in case they need to be prosecuted for food-poisoing and possible escalation to other federal agencies should they fail to correct and improve on all anomalies pointed out to them within the stipulated days.

Oresanya, assured that the state government monitoring team will continue to enforce the state sanitation laws urging all eateries and food outlets to be on the right side of the law as government will always protect the interest of its residents when it comes to public hygiene and safety.