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Osun: Reminiscing The Reality -Part 1 Waheed Adekunle



Indeed, politics is a human venture to advance the cause of humanity while governance is a serious business for the intellectuals!

Even in the animal kingdom, politics thrives. Being a good politician doesn’t qualify one to be a good administrator and of course, a successful manager of human and material resources.

One may be loved by a gullible-cheerful crowd. One may thrive on sentiments. One may succeed in brainwashing the electorate.

The static fact is that one cannot give what he or she doesn’t have.

As a matter of fact, history has a way of repeating itself.

Here in Osun, there was a government and there’s a government. A government of yesterday and a government of today.

There was a governor of yesterday and there is a governor of today.

There is a governor who assumed power at a time when the economy of the state was in coma. There was a governor that got to power at a time when Osun was practically ungovernable due to its economic status.

There was a government that rescued the state from the verge of insolvency. There was a government that managed the affairs of the state in four years without borrowing despite the palpable socioeconomic quagmire.

There was a government that in spite the humongous debt profile of the state, workers (both active and passive) received full salaries and pensions without impediment.

There was a government that took several opportunities in difficulties as manifested in the monumental-giant strides recorded across sectors even in the face of a fragile economy.

( To be continued).

Disclaimer: This piece represents the opinion of the writer not that of CityMirrorNews