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Residents Flee Villages As Bandits Gang Rape Expectant Mom To Death In Niger



An expectant mother has been gang raped to death by terrorists in Niger State.

For failure to meet up deadline for the payment of the N2m levy imposed on some villages in Shiroro local government area of Niger state by bandits before harvesting their farm produce, residents of the Communities have fled their residents just as a pregnant woman was gang raped to death while fleeing the area.

Her three children were also unlucky as they were matched into the bush along with several other villagers abducted by the bandits.

The incident occurred in Dnakundna village in Shiroro local government area of Niger state on Thursday.

It was gathered that the deadline given to members of the Communities who are predominantly farmers to raise the sum of N2m before they could commence harvesting their farm produce expired on Thursday.

All steps taken by the villagers to raise the amount failed and therefore resorted to fleeing their ancestral homes to avoid being attacked by the bandits.

Unknown to the villagers, some informants within the villages had informed the bandits that the villagers were planning to flee the area and decided to lay ambush for them.

The deceased pregnant woman and mother of three was not however lucky as she and her three children ran into the ambush and were led into the bush with her children, gang raped by seven of the bandits and abandoned.

After a frantic search by the villagers, her body was found in the bush with bruises on her private part and other parts of her body and rushed to the hospital where she eventually gave up the ghost on Friday night.

After a successful farming period, the bandits continued to move from village to village to levy the farmers of huge sums of money as a condition to allow them access to their farms to harvest their farm produce.