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I Will Partner On Developing Ondo Seaport, Bitumen If Elected — Tinubu



A presidential aspirant of the All Progressives Congress and former Governor of Lagos State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has promised to partner with Ondo State Government on the building of the proposed deep seaport if elected as a president in the forthcoming 2023 general elections.

Tinubu, made the promise on Thursday in Akure while meeting with APC delegates in Ondo State ahead of APC Presidential Primaries said he would establish a research and development centre for the purpose of bitumen extraction.

According to him, Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu needs a President that would be a solid backer and partnership to forge economy of the state ahead of others.

Tinubu noted that what was missing in the country was the spirit of unity and brightness of hope for all Nigerians.

He said division in the country were created by those who benefitted from divided and conquer.

According to him, “you need a Federal government that will put research and developments in place to make huge bitumen deposit profitable. Seaport is capital intensive. We had to get investors to put the deep seaport in place. You need a leader who think and act.

“Akeredolu is working, what he needs is me. A very solid partner that will forge the economy of this country and this state ahead of others.

“I am a better thinker and a better person. Delegates should distinguish and separate us like kerosene on top of water.

“When I returned to the country. Lagos was a jungle city. I started with a good team. I refer to them as unbreakable team. There is limitation on calenderised tenure. It is the time for us to recognise the need of our country and move faster. We can cry but if we don’t work at it, it will be constant poverty.

“I am running not because of money but the love of my country, the people, commitment to development and giving value to education. I have the brain. I am sure I am a better thinker.

“You will help Nigerians to make a choice. I have built a state of great value. It is a reference point today. The value is increasing every day. I will rebuild Nigeria. I will use our diversity for prosperity. It is all about service. You will see prosperity, you will be happy. You will see performance.”

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