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Taawun Security: 2 Caught With Fresh Human Head In Osun



A community Security outfit,Taawun, (Al-Jayshu Islam) has explained how two men were caught in possession of fresh human head at Yemoja area of Iwo, Osun State.

The security operative said its men were on a patrol  on Wednesday in the area when they suddenly noticed a strange movement of the two men, and later brought them under security check before a Fresh Human Head was found in their possession.

During interrogation, one of the men identified as the ring leader, Afolabi Jacob, confessed that they have been in selling of human parts for a long period. Adding that the head found in their possession was to be sold to a partner in human parts business somewhere within the state.

The arrest of the duo helped Taawun  to get their accomplice, eight out of nine human parts retailers also arrested., and handed over to police at the State headquarters, Osogbo.

The suspects narrated that it was not their first outing to be involved in such crime. They said, they had sacrificed some human heads to better their own life.

In his reaction, the national president of the organization, Sheikh Daood Imran Molaasan, (Grand Mufti of Yorubaland) promised to rid the the community of crimes and all criminality as he encouraged Al-Jayshu Islamy, as they are popularly called, not to relent in their efforts.

The suspected criminals are now in police costody for further investigation.

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