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Chief Imam Urges Muslims To Fear God In Their Deeds



Muslims in the country have been urged to fear the Almighty God in all their deeds and to remember that “everyone shall die and account for his deeds, good or bad, before God.”

The Chief Imam of Muslims Foundation Juma’at Mosque GRA, Gusau, who doubles as the Zamfara state Commissioner for Religious Affairs, Sheikh Tukur Sani Jangebe, made the call at a Friday sermon.

According to him, if Muslim faithful can embrace the noble teaching of the Holy Scripture (Qur’an) and teaching of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), the society “will be a better place on earth.”

Sheikh Jangebe noted that “only the fear in God Almighty and constant supplications to Him by all Muslim faithful can bring an end to the hardship and other misfortunes in the country.”

“We should always remember that everyone shall return to the Almighty God and account for his deeds, either good or bad, on the day of reckoning. Hence, there is the need to ensure fairness and intermingle with one another in the most modest manner.

“We must be good ambassadors of the Almighty God on earth and live with our fellow humans in peace irrespective of their tribes and religious inclinations if we want to be among the most righteous humans before God on the day of judgement,” he said.

He also prayed to God for the return of peace to the North-west in particular and the country in general.

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