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Lack Of Sustained Leadership Is The Problem Of Ndigbo–Chekwas Okorie



Igbo political leader and activist, Chief Chekwas Okorie has said that the war against Ndigbo did not end in 1970.

He made this assertion while talking with some reporters in Abuja.

“There is an orchestrated, well ploted design to exclude Ndigbo from the commanding heights of Nigeria’s economy, bureaucracy and politics,” Okorie told the reporters.

“The marginalisation, exclusion of Igbo people is a well orchestrated plot to make sure that the civil war continued by other means. But not being able to overcome it is as a result of lack of political leadership on the part of Igbo.”

While answering a question he blamed the “lack of sustained leadership” of Ndigbo for some of the problems being experienced by people of South East extraction in the post civil war Nigeria. “It was with proper leadership that the Igbo were relevant in the first place. When the leadership was no longer there it destabilised them and they have not been able to get back on track.”

Talking about his book: APGA and the Igbo Question, Chekwas Okorie said, “while the book told the story of the making of APGA; how it was founded and the processes that lead to its actualisation, it also tried to dissect the real dilemma of Igbo people which we consider to be purely political and could be solved politically.”

The book, APGA and the Igbo Question will be launched in Abuja on April 28th at the Ladi Kwali Hall, Sheraton Hotel.

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