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My Son Wants Me To Move On After Losing His Dad



Dear Bunmi,

I lost my husband suddenly early last year when he had a heart attack and, since then, I’d been so lonely.

We did most things together and most people in my situation would want to be around family.

Our daughter lives abroad, leaving only our son who lives fairly close to me with his family. I’ve been spending a lot of time with him – or tried to, at least.

He was good to start with, but now he’s hinting, not too subtly, that I need to get out more. Why is he behaving like this? I am 54.

Abigail, by e-mail.

Dear Abigail,

It looks as if your son feels it’s not good for you to be so clingy after a year of mourning the loss of your husband.

It’s certainly great to have a family around, but sticking only with people you know limits you to a very hum-drum life.

I agree with your son. At your age, you need to move on with your life.

It’s time to find new friends and interests. What about your old friends? Surely they could give their support too.

I’m sure your husband wouldn’t want you to mope for long, so be brave and make a fresh start. Look for a new hobby or even start a business – no matter how small – to keep you busy.

Vanguard News Nigeria

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