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How I Was Nearly Killed By People Led By Hon Salinsile–Ifelodun LG Caretaker Chairman



The Caretaker Chairman, Ifelodun Local Government Area, Ikirun Hon Hassan Okanlawon has narrated how he was nearly killed by some hoodlums who he alleged to be working for a factional group of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), The Osun Progressives.

According to Okanlawon, apart him, two officials of Ifelodun Local Government Area, Ikirun, Osun State were severely injured on Tuesday by members of TOP.

It was gathered that the caucus within APC led by its chairman, Hon Razak Salinsile, ex-Commissioner, Hon Adelani Baderinwa were to hold a meeting beside the secretariat by the roadside without permission from the Police.

A security source disclosed that “the officials of the local government approached the gathering to tell them that where they are holding the meeting was illegal and also asked for a letter of permit but they were attacked by TOP members, who were backed by officials of NSCDC .

“The officials escaped from their grip and returned to the council notifying Okanlawon. The caretaker chairman returned to the scene with police but he was also attacked.”

Officials of the council alleged that the TOP members used men of Civil Defence to attack them.

Okanlawon said, “I was nearly killed today by people led by Hon Salinsile. The injured two of my staff. It was a terrible incident. Please help me beg them that they should stop creating problem in Ikirun. They should carry police along with their activities if they are a lawful set of people.”

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