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Group Seeks Collaboration To Tackle Increase In Suicide



A multimedia group, DAART-CHAS Integrated media services has sought for collaboration from well meaning Nigerians to tackle the increasing case of suicide in the country.

The group also disclosed that it is planning to auction a 30 years old master art piece worth millions with half of the fund going to be used to help people with mental health issues.

The plea was made on Friday by the project coordinator, Innocent Kwantagora during a press briefing in Osogbo, capital of the state of Osun.

According to Kwantagora, the rate at which people are commiting suicide is alarming, saying the root cause is depression which needed to be tackle in all possible ways.

He added that people who ought to be encouraging those battling with mental issues sometimes mocked them.

He said: “It is very clear to all that the issues of suicides, and attempting suicide is alarmingly on the increase, and today we know also that it’s not only the very poor that fall victim of this mental health problems, we have in the recent weeks recieved news of very successful persons committing suicide.

“Now the root causes of the increasing cases we know is mental health issues; depression and it’s like. Unfortunately these has not been tackled as need be. As their is still lots of shame sorrounding mental health issues. People have also mocked people who commit suicide or are battling mental health issues. We hope to bring light and education to these. I have also heard someone call people like this cowards which is very unfortunate, especially coming from people one expect should know a bit better.

“It’s this kind of mind set and the attendant myth sorrounding mental health issues that we hope to tackle with massive public education and collaboration with government agencies, individuals and corporate bodies.

“We also want to auction the 30 years old master art piece for N120million and use half the fund to launch massive enlightenment campings to drum up help and support for those who may be depressed or battling one mental health issues or the other.

“We are aware of the enormity of the task ahead and it’s not something we can do alone on our own, so we are using this medium to call for support, collaboration and partnerships from public spirited individuals and organization to work with us to kick start this initiative for a neglected segment of the Society. You can reach us on 08036297836 and our Email”.

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